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Aluminium Windows and Doors

Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors

The aluminium doors and windows are gaining popularity across the world due to their cost-effectiveness and long life. There are many options available in the markets from timber to steel, but aluminium offers numerous advantages over other materials.

If you are looking to install the doors and windows in your new home or upgrade the existing ones, you must consider aluminium. The material is strong, durable and easy to maintain as compared to the conventional materials like wood and steel. 

There are many advantages of aluminium doors and windows for homes and offices. Let us check out all the benefits that it can offer in terms of performance and aesthetics.




Aluminium offers you a variety of looks and finishes. You can powder coat aluminium with any colour to provide a unique visual appeal. It can be customized to create a variety of shapes and designs according to the choice of the user. You can even use different colours for the interior and exterior of the aluminium frames.

Moreover, it is suitable for multiple designs of doors and windows. Aluminium is the best suitable material for Sliding doors, hinged doors, bifold doors and windows. The aluminium bi-fold windows Greenacre are very popular in and around Sydney.

You can find a variety of colours in aluminium doors and windows in addition to the traditional silver and grey shades.


Aluminium is more cost-effective than conventional materials like timber. Due to its better energy performance and long life, it is even cheaper than the PVC and UPVC material. Whether it is the installation cost or the maintenance cost, it is less than timber and steel. 

Aluminium is more expensive than timber, but it would be a smart decision to install aluminium doors and windows as it can save a lot over the years. Due to its high energy efficiency, it can also save a lot on the utility bills.

Easy to maintain

Aluminium does not rust or discolour and needs cleaning only twice a year. Therefore, it is easy to maintain the aluminium doors and windows. Even if they get a dent, a professional can remove it easily. Even if you use the glass in your doors and windows it can be cleaned and replaced easily.

The glass is not as expensive as wood or other materials and readily available in the markets. The ease of maintenance is also a reason for the increasing popularity of the aluminium door and windows in homes and offices.

Durability and Weather resistance

Aluminium is durable as compared to other materials, and it offers excellent weather resistance. If you live in a location whether the weather changes quickly and it experiences hot and cold weather, then aluminium doors are the best for your home.

Aluminium door and windows do not get corroded by the humid environments, and its colour does not fade by the harsh sun. The excellent weather resistance is the reason behind its use in outdoor structures like patios, pergolas, and awnings.

The aluminium bi-fold windows Greenacre are highly suitable for use in the indoor humid areas like kitchen and bathroom, where they are exposed to splashes of water. Aluminium frames are highly durable and can provide support to the structures like patios and pergolas.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency


The energy efficiency of your home largely depends on the quality of material used in doors and windows. It also depends on the fitting of doors and windows whether they can retain the heat and cold air in your home or not.

The air in your rooms can leak from the edges and space under the doors, and your AC or heating system has to work hard to maintain the required temperature. The aluminium doors and windows are tightly fitted with the frames and support your heating or cooling systems to retain the warm or cold air in your house.

With the aluminium doors and windows installed in your home, you need to run the AC and heaters for fewer hours to retain the temperature which significantly reduces your energy consumption. When combined with glass, aluminium offers excellent energy efficiency for homes and corporate houses. That is why engineers prefer using aluminium in the construction of energy-efficient buildings.

Fire Safety

Aluminium is far safer than conventional materials like wood and timber. The doors and windows made of wood quickly catch fire in case of fire like emergencies. It offers protection from external fires and other conditions. If you live in a location that is prone to bushfires, then aluminium is the best material to consider for your home.

Final Words

In addition to these advantages of aluminium doors and windows, the material is also eco-friendly. It is recyclable and has a low carbon footprint. It also improves the value of property whether residential or commercial. Now as you know the benefits of aluminium doors and windows, you can consider using it for your home or recommend it to your friends and family.

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