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Overheating Laptop

How to Diagnose and Fix an Overheating Laptop

If you have been using your laptop for years then you must be facing problems like overheating. This is one of the common problems that people face when it comes to aged laptops.

Overheated laptops and computers can cause a lot of problems like blue screen crashes, data loss, and more. When you face such problems you don’t even understand that the culprit is overheating. And until you find out the root of the problem it becomes too late.

Let’s know the ways you can diagnose and fix the overheating laptops.

Diagnosis of Overheating Laptops

  • Search The Heat Source

The first thing you can do is search the heat source. It is important to check the airflow and the transfer of heat. When there is no airflow then there is no heat transfer as well.

The best thing you can do is find out where the air vents are located. Check for the airflow and if you find that the airflow isn’t working well enough then the most common problem behind this could be dust. It is probably time to clean your laptop then.

  • Check The Dying Batteries And The Load Your Laptop Holds

There are many types of batteries and they are not meant to be stored at 100% or 0% capacity. Many people do not focus on using the battery and they always use the charger.

It can reduce the lifespan of the battery and slowly gets less efficient. Once this happens the battery eventually dies and it generates a lot of heat.

You can simply replace the batteries from any nearby store and make sure you do not make the same mistake again.

Another thing you can do is lighten the load that your laptop holds. Clear the junk and keep it free.

  • Persistent Heat Issue

If you do not find problems like dying batteries or dirty vents then it could be basically the persistent heat issue. The dusty hard drive can also be the cause of your laptop getting heated and losing data.

Get rid of the dust and debris under your RAM and processor. Try to clean out the areas before you jump to any other conclusion.

Fix The Problem Of Overheating Laptops

  • Fix Internal Cooling

You can simply visit any nearby laptop servicing store and ask them to clean the layers of dust and dirt that have been gathered.

Cleaning these will ensure better airflow and keep the laptop cool. If you plan to clean it yourself then do not forget to shut down the laptop, unplug all the cables, and remove the batteries.

  • Use A Hard Surface To Keep The Laptop

If the laptop you are using has intake grills on the bottom side then it is recommended to use hard and flat surfaces. Using pillows, blankets, or keeping the laptop on your lap can block the airflow which leads to the building up of the heat.

  • Use Cooling Pad or Laptop Coolers

You can also use cooling pads or laptop coolers as they provide additional cooling. Make sure that you choose the right cooler for your laptop and understand the airflow that your laptop has before buying one. Remember that choosing the wrong cooler can worsen your problem

It is recommended to talk to your laptop service person before doing anything.

If you plan to do it on your own then make sure you search on the internet and watch YouTube videos to gain some extra knowledge.

We would recommend you seek help from a knowledgeable person before taking any step.

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