Thursday , June 20 2024
Corona Virus is affecting Our Mental Health

How Corona Virus is affecting Our Mental Health

Coronavirus, the deadliest virus that not only affected digital marketing but also changed the lives of people globally within months. Millions of people died and it has impacted the uninfected people’s lives too in ways we can even imagine. The ones infected with this virus encountered death but the ones who remained uninfected started having issues that they were never aware of. People started having a mental illness which led to isolating themselves from others and also led to suicide. People lost their loved ones, their jobs, and also had to go through quarantine which is no less than being caged in our own homes and which has affected the mental health of people by killing them from inside. People are trying different ways to earn money during COVID-19 but it is affecting lives not only financially but also mentally. Let’s have a look at how this global pandemic has affected our mental health.

  • Anxiety

There are many kinds of anxiety but the most common one is General Anxiety Disorder also known as GAD. The symptoms of the problem mainly vary from having a persistent sense of meeting danger, or being irritable or feeling weak and insomnia, and difficulty in concentrating. People already going through GAD started having the fear of catching the virus and dying from it. Also, the general population started stressing because of social distancing. Coronavirus has increased the fear in the heart of the people and hence affecting their mental health as well.

  • People who lost their family members and friends

People who lost their family members and friends due to this virus had to deal with the condition not only emotionally but also mentally. There are people who lost multiple family members at once and the pain is unbearable. Even if this pandemic gets over it will leave a mark in the people’s lives creating a history.

  • Depression

Depression is another problem that has been growing increasingly from the past few years but due to Covid-19, it has affected more negatively. People have started feeling captive in their own homes and in their own thoughts and this has also led to suicide. People who have a history of depression are more at risk of having depression again.

  • People running back to alcohol

As the virus has negatively affected people’s lives they have started going back to consuming alcohol. Excessive stress and depression have led them to choose this way to cope up with their issues. The emotional pain and mental pain have led them to run back to alcohol again.

  • Feeling isolated

The feeling of isolation has also increased. People cannot go out or meet their other family members and have started feeling caged. It is not only affecting the health of adults but also children. Children have started feeling isolated in the long term. Young adults lost their jobs and for teenagers, it is not good at all as they are taking information about what’s going on around the world and it’s not every time that the information would be a good one. In conclusion, the longer it takes to recover from this pandemic the worse mental health conditions may be. It is important to maintain social distancing to save our lives and also to follow hygiene but for mental health, it is more important to have patience and look after each other and talk about our problems. Also, do creative things and things that can help us to be strong mentally.

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