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Teach Critical Thinking In School

How Can We Teach Critical Thinking In School?

Along with making kids aware of moral values, numbers, and alphabets, teachers also need to focus on critical thinking as it is an integral part of the learning process. But teaching critical thinking in school can be challenging as there is no standard procedure to teach it.

By teaching students to think critically, we can allow the students to become mature thinkers in the future, and thus we can say that critical thinking helps pave the way to a better future for kids. So let’s learn more about critical thinking through this blog post and understand how it can be taught in schools.

What is critical listening?

Critical listening is a process of correctly understanding what is being said and then judging, evaluating, and finally forming an opinion on what you think. Critical thinking is as vital as critical reading. With the essential power of listening, one can analyze the strength and weaknesses of the content, agree or disagree with the specific opinion and analyze the concept.

For example, suppose you have to vote for a local election tomorrow. In that case, you will use your critical thinking to what you have heard on the television and what the participants have to say about their agenda, and then based on this critical listening, you decide whom to vote for.

How can we teach critical listening?

One of the first things that teachers need to do is to avoid distractions as it helps students focus on what is being said. This allows even students dealing with ADHD to remove the elements of distractions.

Teachers can also use the power of a multisensory curriculum that involves engaging two or more senses simultaneously. In addition to this, teachers can also motivate students to participate after the session and give their opinion on the specific subject that has been taught.

What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is an intellectually disciplined process that includes proper conceptualization, application, analysis, and synthesis or evaluation of the information garnered through experience, reflection, observation, communication, and reasoning.

So, critical thinking is much more than just communication, solving problems, thinking creatively, and using knowledge in different ways. And one should never believe in the myth that critical thinking can only be applied to subjects like maths and science.

What habits promote critical thinking?

Following are the most common habits that teachers should promote for improving critical thinking:

  • Exploring questions to their core
  • Getting engaged in a conversation
  • Always setting goals
  • Solving problems in day to day life instead of avoiding them
  • Eagerness to learn new things
  • Managing an ordered list

There are many activities that teachers can organize to build the habits mentioned above, and all these habits will allow students to start thinking more critically. Thus we can see that there is no rocket science behind developing critical thinking in students through regular class programs.

How can Landon Schertz help?

Parents trust Landon Schertz without any second thoughts when it comes to online tutoring. And through various studies, it has been found that online tutoring is the best tool anyone can use to develop critical thinking ability. Landon Schertz uses a mix of new technological tools and his experience to develop practices that help students develop their ability to improve critical thinking. So, apart from academic performance, Landon Schertz also helps his students improve their ability to deal with day-to-day activities. Thus, the students learn how to make better decisions early in life.

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