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Term Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Term Insurance Online

Advantages of buying Term Insurance online

The pandemic has pushed us and made us realize that “online” is the contemporary adapted mantra of the current times. Be it online marketing, purchasing, surfing, selling, advertisement or booking holidays the world has switched to the online territory. Moreover, it has opened our eyes to the importance of future investments, savings, secured income and assured monetary benefits because of the alarming unpredictability of situations.

What is Term Insurance?

Term insurance acts as a protective shield for the family in absence of the essential breadwinner of the family. It is a source of stable guaranteed income for any beneficiary family member in case of an unfortunate episode.

Term insurance is a variation of life insurance policy which provides financial coverage to the insured for a certain period or ‘term’. If the policyholder is demised while the policy is in force death benefit would be paid by the company to the beneficiary. Term insurance demands premium level which is a monthly specific cost charged by the company from the policyholder to consequently dispense the benefits.

Let us dig into the benefits of purchasing term insurance online.

  • SimpleProcess without any Bias

Term plan online withdraws any intermediaries involved like insurance agents and hence lets you make an impartial, unbiased decision on your own. The process to buy a term plan online is quite simple. You may have to provide regular information like age, gender, name, life cover amount, the period of coverage. After establishing the information, the term insurance calculator accords you with premium charges for different periods such as annually, half-yearly or even monthly. One has the flexibility to revise the assured sum, time etc according to one’s requirement.

Additionally, one may surf through various insurance companies’ portals comparing the prices, features, benefits and choose the best suitable one. In an online purchase, the free-look period is 30 days whereas offline it is only 15 days.

  • Lower Premium

Cost-benefit or lower price is one significant advantage of an online term plan. Although the premium amount varies depending upon age, term cover, the sum assured- based on these same parameters, the premium payable is nearly 25% lesser when purchased online from the insurer’s website. Since online purchasing does away with any sort of intermediaries the insurer and insured benefit by saving cost.

  • Rider and other Options

Surfing online can furnish you with the advantage of surveying sundry term insurance plans, any kind of life insurance plans or investment policies too. There are more, varied and interesting rider options available online like critical illness rider, accidental rider and premium waiver which add value and strength to the policy.

  • Helpful Tools 

Whilst the policy is purchased online the websites offer a direct contact point to the insurer. You may be more informed or in an advantageous position after speaking to the executive. Additionally, insurance policy websites bestow tools to help you determine the amount and time of coverage. Your age, lifestyle standard, children and housing affect the sum assured. One may even include their liabilities in their plan. The payment also has to be made digitally which provides much ease.


These are the unique advantages of term plans online; however, you should take into consideration every vital point like liabilities, income claim settlement ratio. In case of confusion always seek help from the insurer executive.Buying insurance policy is a long-term commitment.

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