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Best Electrical Motorcycles

10 Best Electrical Motorcycles to Buy in 2021

Wind brushing against the hair and a gust of wind across the face is a favourite memory of most of the bikers around the world. Be it the steep terrains of Leh or the adventurous forests, bikes are the best friend of most of the travel enthusiasts around the world. 

Most people have their own specifications when it comes to buying a bike. Some prefer a comfortable ride while some choose cruiser ones for a style statement coupling with more adventurous rides. 

However, we have to agree that bikers around the world do love their bikes a considerable amount and prefer to call them their best buddies.

What is an Electric Motorcycle?

Explaining in very simple terms, an electric motorcycle runs on electricity online normal ones which run on fuel. It is powered solely by rechargeable batteries and electric motors. 

These motorcycles have gained quite a bit of popularity across the globe and have been in demand. 

Below are mentioned the top 10 best electrical motorcycles that all the bike fanatics will definitely look up to:

  • Arc Vector

This bike may be synonymous to that of a beast as in the market of electrical motorcycles,  this name definitely shines bright. It is powered by a 399V electric motor which pumps out around 140PS of power coupling with around 85 Nm of peak torque.  

It definitely has quite a fanbase with its startling features and even if you manage to pay the price which is a whopping $118,000 or roughly translated to 86 lakhs, only 355 units of this masterpiece will be available for sale across the globe. 

Along with the bike the company offers you a jacket which is not any ordinary one. It is inbuilt with sensors and speakers which give the rider prior warnings about any vehicle that may be present in the blind spot.  So cool, isn’t it?

  • Harley Davidson’s LiveWire

If there is a company in the world that is best known for its tailor-made products, then it would definitely be Harley Davidson. Therefore it is no surprise that one of the best electrical motorbikes comes from this brand itself. 

With a very comfortable and easy to handle interface teaming with commendable suspension and shocks provide a very safe ride for the riders. With the price range starting from $29,799 or Rs. 22 lakhs roughly, this piece of art can reach a maximum speed of 95 mph/153 kph.

  • Energica Eva Ribelle 

Acknowledged as one of the most stylish electrical motorbike available across the world. A classy body coupled with some mind-boggling technical tidbits, make it a complete package.  

The price range for this beauty starts from around $22,160 (17 lakhs). One of the key features is the updated battery which gives it a more usable range of miles along with a 42-minute recharge to 80 per cent waiting time.  

The company is known to make parts for formula one racing cars and aircraft and therefore the build quality is definitely very impressive.

  •   Zero SR/S

Being a Zero bike, this masterpiece has most of the premium mechanisms like a Bosch MSC system, torque control and traction. 

One of the most key features of this bike is the Cypher III system which provides ground information about almost all aspects of your bike like location, energy usage etc.  

The price bidding starts from $19, 590 (15 lakhs).  It does boast a 110hp engine along with a 124 mph maximum speed limit.

  •     Artisan Evo

One of the very affordable but amazing selections is the Artisan Evo. A very cool naked style along with leather seating and adjustable rear suspensions make it a good pick among the youngsters. 

If you are looking for something to commute around in an urban setting and also a little affordable then this one is a great pick although you might have to make some sacrifices like the 50-mile range and the long charging time of around 6 hours. 

However, at $3,152 or 3 lakhs INR this is completely a good buy.

  •     Lightning LS-218

Given the tag of the fastest electric motorbike, the Lightning LS definitely keeps up to the name. A stylish body paired with a top speed of 215 /mph 346 kph, this beast definitely makes a glowing way in the top 10 list. 

With a very lightweight and classy style, the LS 218 has swiftly made its way. The price starts at $38,888 or 30 lakhs and this is one is quite a favourite for the motorcycle lovers.

  •    Damon Hypersport Pro

If you are looking for an electric motorbike which offers you a good range then the Damon Hypersport is the one. The major concern for this particular brand has been safety and they have ensured that in several possible technicalities. 

The motorcycle can reach a maximum speed of 200mph or 321kph and the copiloting system makes it a completely safe ride. The motorbike is priced at $24,995 or around 20 lakhs INR.

  •     Tarform

If you call yourself a tech junkie then this motorbike will definitely grab your attention. Most of the parts of this motorcycle have 3D prints which not only make it look classy but definitely make it unique as well. 

Tarform not only impresses us with its posh looks but even has mind-blowing features like a top speed of 90mph, a range of around 90 miles and last but not the least a 0-60 acceleration speed in about 3.8 seconds. 

However the most impressive part about this ride remains the AI specialized programming which makes it not only alert but also provides time to time information to the rider about the surroundings, The price range starts from $24,000 or 18lakhs INR.

  •     Horwin CR6

This beautiful and classy motorcycle has managed for itself the tag of the silent electric motorbike. Unlike the other bikes, it does not even make a humming sound which definitely contributes to making a ride soothing. 

The bike is extremely lightweight and has a top speed of 57mph /92kph along with a 120km range and acceleration time of 0-60mph in around six seconds. It is priced around $7,600 which makes it quite an affordable ride.

  •     Super Soco TC

If there is a ride that has been able to achieve for itself the name of the best electric motorbike along with a very impressive style then it is definitely the Super Soco TC. An iconic metal body and leather seats give it just the retro look we all love. 

However, not only the styling the bike has some very cool features too like a 90kph speeding limit along with quite an impressive acceleration. It is priced at $5,250 and is definitely a good buy.

With eco-friendly and sustainable products being the future of the global markets, electronic motorcycles definitely make the headway. 

People have not only embraced these new rides with open arms but have also shown immense love for them. Some of the most important features that one has to keep in mind when buying an electronic motorcycle are safety, sustainability and range.  The notion that electric bikes are dangerous is only a myth. It’s only unsafe when driven improperly like any other or rides in the world.

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