Tuesday , November 28 2023
Google Pay

Best Online Recharge App in India in 2021

We have advanced a lot digitally, be it ordering food online with just a few taps or even something like making a recharge, almost everything can be done by just clicking some buttons. 

Isn’t that so convenient? 

Be it making Recharge for your prepaid mobile connection or updating the various online services be it wifi, ott platforms and even television all can be done through one single application. 

Currently, the best application to carry on with your multifarious recharge programmes is Google Pay.

What is Google Pay?

Developed by Google and making its debut in the year 2018, Google Pay has definitely made a mark for itself in the online payment markets. It’s particularly due to its easy to administer proforma and the safe and secured payments as well. 

It actually allows the merchant to incorporate payment sources with the aid of the brand new API. It actually uses the cards that the user may have saved previously making payments from the accounts linked with the account. 

Coming from a brand name like Google it is almost obligatory that whatever they introduce will be of quite top quality and will serve the purpose of millions.

How can you successfully recharge with the help of Google Pay?

Recharging your account with the help of Google Pay is fairly easy to administer. All you need to do is follow the steps minutely and you can successfully execute it in a second.

  • Link your bank account 

If your bank account is already not linked to Google Pay you can just enter your card details. Next, an authentication will take place where an OTP will be sent to your linked number

After you authenticate, one needs to set up the UPI PIN. Remember this pin as it is important and will be required at every step for every payment that you make.

  • Choose your required option

Once you have set up the Google Pay account, you need to open the application. The homepage interface will first show your contacts who already use the app and after scrolling, you will get options for making a recharge. 

All you need to do is simply enter the number and the plan with which you wish to Recharge. You just need to enter the plan amount and click on the tick option

  • Enter your PIN and confirm

Once you enter the details you would need to mention your UPI PIN. As soon as you confirm the PIN, your Recharge will be successfully executed from your linked bank account.

Why use Google Pay?

You might wonder why should one choose Google Pay when there are so many contemporary options. 

Some of the reasons that makes it a top choice include, 

  • Very easy interface

Google Pay is a fairly easy-to-use application and making payments through this app is like a cakewalk. All you need to do is remember your UPI PIN and your Recharge will be done in a matter of seconds.

  • Safe and secured payment

While making payments digitally the single most important requirement remains that it should be safe and that the money should not be in the doldrums. 

Not only do they have a highly protected environment to make payments but even if the money gets stuck due to server issues,  it will get refunded as soon as possible.

  • Easy Authentication

It is quite a time-saving application and like the others, you do not need to provide a host of information. All you need to do is put down some basic details of your debit card and authenticate it with your linked mobile number and it’s done. 

Google Pay has received appreciation across the nation for its utterly simple usage and the quality of service that it promises to users.

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