Tuesday , November 28 2023
Export Yahoo Mail Folders to Gmail

How to Export Yahoo Mail Folders to Gmail?

People always search and think for ways that can make their work easier and faster. We always understand that saving data in the cloud is safer than any other thing but it is not true. 

Many times the user fails to keep their data safe in the cloud. So have you ever thought of a way where you can export yahoo email folders to Gmail? 

Here we will tell you and help you how you can do that easily without any problem. Let’s know.

How Can You Export Yahoo Mail Folders to Gmail Efficiently? 

Here we will talk about how you can export yahoo mail folders to Gmail efficiently. It has two methods that you can follow. 

The first one is backup of yahoo emails to the hard drive and the second one is importing yahoo mail backup to Gmail.

Method 1 

Backup of Yahoo Emails To Hard Drive 

  • Step 1

First, you need to export yahoo mail to PST file format. To get this step done you will have to download SystTools Yahoo Mail Backup. Once the application has been installed you need to access the tool by entering yahoo credentials. 

Then you need to click on the start button in order to transfer the yahoo mail folder to PST. You will find the yahoo backup has been done.

  • Step 2

Now it’s time to transfer yahoo email to Gmail. Here you have to download SysTool Outlook to G Suite Migration Tool. Here you have to add the backed up PST file to the application. 

After this, you will have to provide Gmail credentials and authenticate. Now you will have to check the mail option in order to migrate the Yahoo emails.

  • Step 3 

If you want to choose selective emails then you will have to apply filters and then select the Export option in order to import the yahoo mail to Gmail.

  • Step 4 

Once the process is done you will find all the selected yahoo mail folders along with the emails that will be transferred to your Gmail account.

Method 2

Here this option will provide the ability to import the emails from Yahoo to Gmail on a regular basis. If you want to download the yahoo mail folders downloaded to Gmail then this process can help.

  • Step 1 

First, you need to login into your Gmail account and go to the settings option.

  • Step 2

In the second step, you need to shift the tab to Accounts and import. 

  • Step 3

After this, you need to click on import mail and contact options.

  • Step 4 

You will find a new window appearing on the screen. Here you need to provide your Yahoo ID and proceed.

  • Step 5

Click on the continue button and authenticate the yahoo mail login 

  • Step 6

Now click on the Agree button in order to Shuttle cloud migration and then close the window.

  • Step 7

It’s time to remain option checked and then click the Start Import option. Once the Gmail Yahoo Sync is done, you will find all yahoo emails are migrated to Gmail. 

If you wish to merge all the Yahoo mail into Gmail then you can try using other software or SysTool Yahoo to Gmail Migration Tool. It is easy to use and understand.  If you read the steps carefully and try to understand them then it will be very easy for you to export yahoo mail folders to Gmail. In case, if you still have trouble doing it then you can check the tutorial videos on youtube and get it done in no time.

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