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Beautiful Countries to Spend Holidays

Beautiful Countries to Spend Holidays

The word ‘Holiday’ is very favorite to all of us. That means a lot of pleasure and brings happiness to our regular life. When it is possible to spend holiday in a world most beautiful country or place, nothing can be worth than that. Here are top 10 most beautiful countries where you can make your vacation memorable.

Swiss National Park is a place where you can see many species of animals, plants and birds. Chillon Castle is another major tourist attraction in Switzerland that will offer you a lot in terms of history and ancient culture. Most people prefer to spend holidays in Bern the capital of Switzerland because of its beauty and shopping experience.

There are lots of cheapest USA tours in Washington D.C the capital of America. Living in New York is very expensive for people but some economical tour packages also available. People like to spend time here in water parks, restaurant, theme park and resorts. Las Vegas is known as world’s entertainment capital, which is very popular for casinos.

Turkey is another tourist outstanding destination where you will get total refreshment during your holidays. The mineral pools there bound the people dip into and heal naturally and enjoy the attractiveness of Dalian during passing a perfect day on the river. Paragliding is much popular there which will make you feel weightlessness and thrill of flying.

Mauritius is one of major tourist destinations of the world. It is known for its mind-blowing sceneries. The proper time to visit Mauritius is between August and February. If you are a bird lover then you can got to Aux Aigrettes.

France is the most popular destination to spend holidays, which has a lot to give you much pleasure. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the main attractions here. There are some excellent ski areas in France, such as Trios Vales and the Alps and Pyrenees.

The beaches here are mind-blowing where you can lose your mind very easily. The main transportation system is boat in Maldives and you always need to carry your jacket with you as the weather changes here very quickly. The resorts have some services just like Jacuzzis, heart-throbbing spas and personal swimming pools. How celebrities enjoy their holidays?

April/May and September/October is the best time to spend holidays in Australia. The sunny weather comes with a low temperature and that is perfect heat for swimming in the water. Some of the states of Victoria and Tasmania can be a bit cool but overall will be perfect for you.

Table Mountain is the most attraction in Cape Town that was selected to be number seven natural wonders of the world. Ruben Island is 7km far from Cape Town where Nelson Mandela spent most of his life. The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront will offer you entertaining sections like shopping, restaurants, nightclubs, discos, resorts and some museums.

Amazon Rainforest provides 20% of the world’s oxygen. Paternal Conservation Area is the biggest wetland over the world. You will get the chance to see marsh deer, Giant River Otters and Hyacinth Macaw. Atlantic Rainforest is considered as a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

Wales is the best place to spend your Christmas holidays if you want to make it memorable. Cottages can be found in a good unlimited number of the scenery that is motivated by some great artists and photographers. Most of the cottages are very nearby of beaches or seaside from where you can enjoy the beautiful view all around.

Mont-Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe. Gavarnie Falls has a global recognition with its name being featured on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the natural beauty of central Pyrenees, Grande Cascade de Gavarnie is the tallest waterfall of France.

The Forest of Choux enjoys the second position in the category of the largest forests in France. Situated in the French Comte, it is one of the best places to see wild life from a close view. There are many other interesting places to visit such as the cliffs of Entreat and VA noise National Park.

Male International Airport is your door to Maldives. Private planes from Sri-Lanka, Singapore, Britain and Dubai land there. If you are from Italy, Gann Airport is the one at Add you’ll be aiming for. You will need IATP (Internal Atoll Traveling Permit) with you to visit places except Male.

The Blue Flag Award scheme has come a long way from 1987 with just 10 countries involved. Now there are over 3200 beaches and marinas in 37 countries, including Cyprus. Recognizing safe beaches for families and clean waters for children, where the Blue Flag is evident, people can be assured that the beach is of excellent quality.

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