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Best Long Lasting Perfume

Your Guide to The Best Long-Lasting Perfume Brands of All Time

Best Long-lasting perfumes tend to get pushed to the side during the whirl of new releases, limited editions and hyped-up scents. However, there’s a reason certain perfume brands have managed to stand the test of time, while others have not. The best long-lasting perfumes are ones that last, without sacrificing scent. There are many factors that go into making a great-smelling perfume with staying power. The top notes need to be strong and not fade away within minutes; the middle notes should complement the top notes without being too heavy; and of course, it should still smell amazing after hours of wear. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent long-lasting perfume brands out there worth investing in. So if you’re curious about the top perfumeries for lasting fragrances that won’t leave you yearning for more but instead begging for more…keep reading!

Estee Lauder

If you’re a perfume aficionado, you’ve probably heard of Estee Lauder. But even if you’re a casual perfume wearer looking for a long-lasting scent, Estee Lauder should be on your radar. The brand has an extensive line of fragrances and is one of the best perfumes of all time, both for women and for men, spanning a variety of styles. The best long-lasting perfumes from Estee Lauder include the Double Wear fragrance for women, the Modern Muse fragrance for women, the Pleasures fragrance for men, the Beautiful fragrance for women, and the Beautiful You fragrance for women. These scents last all day, don’t irritate the skin, and come in a variety of sizes and gift sets.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a beauty and skincare brand that specializes in cruelty-free and organic products. They’ve become increasingly well-known for their fragrances, many of which are long-lasting. The brand has a wide selection of perfumes, including candles, sprays, and more. The best long-lasting perfumes from The Body Shop include the Cherry Blossom fragrance for women, the Black Cherry Blossom fragrance for women, the Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance for women, and the Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette for women. The Cherry Blossom scents are very long-lasting, and the Black Cherry Blossom is a great gift for someone who loves a floral scent but prefers something a bit more subtle.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a brand that specializes in luxury fragrances for both women and men. The brand has been around since the 1990s, and it continues to be well-known for its high-quality, long-lasting scents. The best long-lasting perfumes from Tom Ford include the Black Orchid fragrance for women and the Grey Vetiver fragrance for men. The Black Orchid is a floral scent with a bit of a bold kick, and the Grey Vetiver is a woodsy, masculine scent. Both are long lasting and come in a variety of sizes.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana has been around since the ’80s. It’s a brand that’s heavily focused on creating high-quality products and maintaining a consistent aesthetic. Most of its fragrances fall into the floral and fruity categories, but there are a few that are also heavier and muskier. The best long-lasting perfumes from Dolce & Gabbana include the Light Blue fragrance for women, the Light Blue Eau de Toilette fragrance for women, the By Man fragrance for men, the One fragrance for women, and The One Eau de Parfum fragrance for women. The Light Blue fragrance and the Light Blue Eau de Toilette are citrus scents, but come off as more floral thanks to the addition of jasmine. The One is a sweet, vanilla-based fragrance with a musky kick.


Chanel is a brand that’s been around since the ’20s, and while it’s most commonly known for its fragrances and accessories, the brand has branched out to include other beauty products. The best long-lasting perfumes from Chanel include the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance for women, the Gabrielle fragrance for women, the Chanel No. 5 fragrance for women, the Chanel Allure Homme Sport fragrance for men, and the Chanel Bleu De Chanel fragrance for men. The Coco Mademoiselle is a fruity floral perfume that has become a classic. Gabrielle is a more subtle perfume for those who prefer a more toned-down scent.


If you’re on the hunt for a long-lasting perfume and want to invest in a scent that won’t leave you longing for more, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve covered some of the best long-lasting perfume brands out there, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you want a classic scent, something fruity and floral, or something musky and more complex, these brands have you covered.

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