Monday , June 27 2022
Web Presence Analysis

The Beginner’s Guide To Online Presence Analysis And How You Can Improve Your Web Visibility

To understand how your website is doing against its countless competitors online, a regular SEO audit should have its place in your marketing strategy. Here’s an easy guide on online presence analysis to improve your website’s visibility today. 

4 Easy Web Presence Analysis Tips

1. Account Integration (Personal And Business) 

We know that as a rule of life, it’s best to separate Personal from Business. There’s no refuting that. We completely agree, hands down. Only, when it comes to online presence analysis, we digress. Just this one exception. 

You’re on the right trajectory if you already have a business account. Yet this time around, try to merge both your personal and business profiles together. It doesn’t sound like the most conventional thing to do. However, analysts reveal that there’s some advantage to it. 

Letting potential customers have a sneak-peek into your passion-hobbies and daily life may actually allow your business to be that much more relatable. Plus, when your personal posts are somewhat indirectly linked to that of your enterprise, the better it will look to your followers. Why? It gives your business authenticity and a customer-centric image.

A Tip: This step is advantageous for social media marketing. The rest of the non-social media platforms out there? Maybe still keep both accounts separate. 

2. It’s All About UX (User Experience)

The competition is hot and heavy, and the online market is saturated with businesses which are trying to get ahead of the game. What’s another means to let customers choose you over the rest? User Experience. 

According to studies, a few seconds of loading delay from one page to the next is enough of a reason for customers to switch to the next website. 

Work with your SEO team to check on how users navigate through yours. Plus, optimize your page speed by enabling compression, enhancing server response time, doing away with coded comments and unused codes, the list goes lengthily on.

There’s so much scattered on the plate with regards to UX. Hence, through data analytics, study how you can improve that of your business website. 

3. Networking Is STILL A Major Player 

This subtitle holds true even as we shift from traditional networking to online and/or social media networking. The medium may be different but the approach is pretty much the same. As an entrepreneur, who you know still matters a whole lot. 

So, widen your networking reach. If you’re new to it, start with social media groups that have common interests (and that those interests are either directly or indirectly related to your business). 

Partnering with influencers and other enterprises may take some time. Despite that, interacting with people on social media and strengthening those customer linkages will push you a long way into kickstarting brand awareness. 

4. Get Listed 

On web directories, that is. Who says “organic” is a no-go? Not at all. Web directories publish your business and business details while offering up the convenience of searching for a target market in your location. This will prove especially fruitful for local postings and searches, whether on your business’s tail-end or on the side of consumers.  You’ll be surprised at how people are once again, going back to their roots, choosing to go local when searching for local businesses. 

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