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How to write a convincing argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is an essay in which you present 2 arguments about your topic and give information related to the topic. And in conclusion, you’ll go with one argument and describe how it’s better than the other argument.

In colleges and universities, most of the essays you’re given to write are argumentative. You should know how to write one as your overall grade is determined through these essays. You won’t be asked to write an argumentative essay in general, you will have to read the question to check whether it’s a persuasive, informative, or argumentative essay.

If there’s one writing skill you need, it should be essay writing. It helps you in many stages of your life such as college admission essays and scholarships. Argumentative essays require a lot of research as you have to give legit information, nothing can be faked or made up. You will have to defend your arguments with support sentences which will only be possible if you do extensive research. The format of an argumentative is similar to a normal essay, it just consists of 2 main arguments whereas in a normal essay you have to at least give 3-4 ideas and review them briefly in your conclusion. You can also look online for argumentative essay example to take some help from.

Here is the proper format to write a convincing argumentative essay;

1. Review your topic

Review your topic in a general way, you should explain the importance of your topic in your introduction. Tell the readers why they should read this essay carefully. Make the introduction interesting so that people actually read the whole thing. Then you should write your thesis statement which should be written accordingly to the requirements of the assignment. You should master this part of the essay or else you won’t be successful in writing a convincing argumentative essay. Always follow the guidelines of the assignment or your teacher might fail you.

2. Body section which should include evidential information

The body section should include information that you think might catch the reader’s attention. Each paragraph should consist of one idea, explain what your idea is, and give some information to support it. Support sentences are going to be very important as they’ll tell the reader how your main idea works and if it is good or bad. Argumentative essays should also contain different points of view of your topic, like if you mention a con about it, then you should also mention a pro about it as well in the next paragraph.

And it is also important to mention how your main idea links with your topic or else the reader won’t understand what you’re talking about. The essay should be at least 3 paragraphs. There are other argumentative essays of 5 paragraphs but that’s only if it’s a requirement. So, make sure to take a look at your assignment first before getting into doing your research and writing.

3. Legit information should be used

The information you use should be researched very well and should be accurate. Use information that you think will support your thesis statement. Students should have different points of view when gathering the information so they can get as much evidence as possible. As mentioned above, the writer should link the evidence with the thesis somehow, just write a sentence or two about how the idea and topic are linked together or how they can be linked.


In this part, you’ll be either supporting your first point or your second point. You will talk about how the point you’ve chosen is better than the other. Write at least 4-5 lines in which you’ll be reviewing one of your ideas and giving it some support with the information you’ve gathered. Don’t try to add some new information in this part as you will be reviewing your other ideas and the evidence you’ve used in the paragraphs above. Restate why you think the topic you’ve chosen is important. And also make sure to review your introduction. At last, your argumentative essay should be complete, and before submitting it make sure you proofread it and check if it actually sounds argumentative or not and if it doesn’t, feel free to make changes in it if needed.

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