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Types of Accidents: Exploring Common Personal Injury Cases

When it comes to personal injury cases, they are never of one type. These have a broad spectrum and can be of any type. They do come with consequences that can be financial, physical, or emotional nature.

Accidents do occur all of a sudden and come without any warning. However, personal injury accidents are not limited to a specific category. From little mishaps to serious incidents, these accidents can vary in nature a lot.

A car accident lawyer in Houston TX can help highlight the changes that these accidents have and can guide you through the compensation process according to each injury.

Let’s explore more and understand the types of accidents.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle incidents are the ones in which there is a collision between vehicles. Most of the accidents do involve car accidents.

These accidents can range from minor injuries to serious ones where their proper destruction is seen. These can be in the form of rear collisions, head-on collisions, T-bone accidents, and also in the form of multi-vehicle collisions.

The next one that comes after the cars is motorcycle accidents. These are pretty bad as these can be a lot more vulnerable than the ones happening in cars. Also, the common injuries that are observed after such accidents include spinal cord injuries, fractures, head injuries, and orthopedic issues.

Then comes the trucks. These are some of the most destructive ones. The impact that these accidents leave isn’t very easy to deal with. With their heavy weight, they can crush anything that comes their way.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are also one type of accident that is very commonly seen. These are seen happening when there is any kind of slip, trip, or fall that causes injury.

All of these slips and falls are seen occurring at office spaces, in malls, at shops, and on the sidewalks and walkways.  In order to protect visitors, customers, tenants, and employees from harm, property owners and businesses are legally responsible for the maintenance of safe premises.

The liability in case of slips and falls is very awkwardly put on the employers that fail to take great care of their property, which usually causes such incidents. In all such cases, the injured parties can ask for compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering.

On-Job Injuries

On-job injuries, also known as workplace injuries, are also pretty bad to handle. Some of the common workplace injuries include:

Employees in the workplace can get injured by any of the objects present at the workplace. This is usually seen in the factories or in manufacturing industries. A lot of times, people injure themselves with harsh chemicals that are used in manufacturing stuff, and that is also one of the common workplace injuries.

Motor vehicle accidents may occur, affecting employees who operate company vehicles for the objective of performing their duties.

A lot of times, hazardous situations like a fire eruption or explosion are also seen to be workplace injuries.

It is observed that great companies do give compensation benefits to their employees, while in other workplaces, a lot of times, it is observed that the employees have to depend on their own insurance companies.

Animal Attacks and Bites

Animal attacks are very commonly observed. They do impact people’s lives pretty badly. The injury and legal consequences for both pet owners and victims can be significant if dog bites or animal attacks occur.

The injury and the compensation in case of bites and attacks depend on the severity of the case. If the victim is seen suffering serious injuries, then the amount of the compensation does vary a lot.

Now, in case your pet ends up biting someone, it is known for sure that you will be held liable for the injury as you were the owner. Also, due to the strict liability rules in certain jurisdictions, dog bite cases are treated as serious crimes, and their owners can be held responsible for injuries suffered by their animals regardless of past behavior or level of aggression.

Construction Incidents

Construction sites are at high risk of causing personal injuries to the employees working there. People are seen falling from the ladders and elevated spaces, which can hurt them pretty badly.

In such situations, the compensation can go both ways depending on the fault of the employee. If it is some structural failure that has caused the accident, the company is to be blamed for it; otherwise, if an employee caused the accident due to their own fault, then it is another story.


There are many types of accidents that occur in our daily lives. these can vary in their severity and can leave a major impact on people’s lives. It is best to understand all sorts of accidents in order to know what must be done in order to deal with the compensation later.

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