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Trends To Know in Website Design for 2020

Trends To Know in Website Design for 2020

There were times when the website was supposed to be just pretty. This “pretty” usually meant an explosion of the creative expression of the graphic designer and the customer, with no relation to usability. Now, however, we have the UX era and design trends are subordinated to its recommendations. Which of course doesn’t mean it’s ugly…

Table of Contents

  1. The smartphone is king
  2. Less means more
  3. UX in the first place
  4. Video time
  5. Simplicity and symmetry
  6. Bye, bye slider
  7. Down endlessly – the fall of pagination
  8. Touch control
  9. He looks good in black
  10. For consolidation – a few magic words

If many people do something, it must make sense. Let’s not follow this principle when building your worldview, but when creating websites, it’s worth thinking this way. Web design trends indicate that some solutions work better than others. The more that new products do not appear out of anywhere. Typically, design evolves gradually and its trends result from testing new solutions that are spreading because they are effective.

Of course, you may always be tempted to create a website that looks like no other in the world. However, the success of web design is not the incentive display, but whether users will be happy to use it. So what will 2019 bring us in web design?

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The smartphone is king

Only a few years ago, the responsiveness of the website was considered its additional advantage. Today it is a must-have, what is more, the services must, first of all, look good on smartphones. This is supported by Google with the initiative of AMP, i.e. accelerated mobile websites. This is an open-source project that makes websites load quickly on smartphones even with slow connections. They are saved in Google AMP memory, which speeds uploading. Combined with the widespread Responsive Design, this is an irreversible direction in which web design goes. So if the page doesn’t look good on your smartphone then … it just doesn’t look good. The year 2019 will only strengthen this trend because probably the number of page views using mobile browsers will constantly increase.

Less means more

Minimalist design is and will be trendy. On a white background, you can see better and fewer colors are elegance. Excess elements distract and distract attention from the content. And the content itself should be presented in such a way as to convey information in a concise and specific way. The interface of the site should be simple so as not to discourage the user and, consequently, the bounce rate has decreased. It is also one of the UX indications that ensures good customer experience.

UX in the first place

Well, magical User Experience. Specialists in this field make a lot of money by optimizing user experience, and the field itself is already being discussed in the context of every website. It will be no different in 2019. Minimalism plus UX tricks will make websites even more effective. Inspiration can be social media or mobile applications, it is important that this translates into customer friendliness. It is worth observing the competition, especially the largest ones, and not balancing the open door. However, if we have a really good idea, let’s test it, even in a small group of users. Who knows, maybe we’ll create a new UX trick?

Video time

We can see more and more websites, where a video plays a major role. Fast-running movies can convey more attractive content than text. It also results from the fact of browsing websites on smartphones, where we are used to watching (photos or just video) rather than reading. Of course, do not go overboard and do not fire copywriters. The good text will always be included, but with the video. The next thing is to use graphics such as charts and infographics. What works in PowerPoint will also work on the site. Graphics in a condensed way presents the issue and facilitates the assimilation of information. This is all the easier because there are more and more ways to create eye-catching images yourself, for example through chart generating plug-ins.

Simplicity and symmetry

Thanks to the simplicity and symmetry in layout design, the website is friendly to various devices. Users are currently switching between a computer and a smartphone, so the page should scale accordingly. Thanks to this, we will avoid problems with responsiveness, and the user will feel comfortable changing the device on which he is viewing the page. So original, complex structures – no!

Bye, bye slider

The slider at the top of the website with photos escaping in different ways is slowly disappearing. Usually, it contained excerpts from the offer dressed in marketing slogans. Designers, however, noticed that there was a kind of “slider blindness” – users do not pay attention to these elements and scroll the page down to the content. They are certainly not waiting for the next, exciting photo with the slogan to appear. Therefore, nowadays, rather individual graphics will appear under the page header, containing a suggestive slogan. End of arrows, dots and rides every 3 seconds.

Down endlessly – the fall of pagination

Instead of clicking from page to page, users prefer to scroll down. Infinite scrolling will be the trend of 2019. It is faster, more convenient and in accordance with our habits from social networking sites. Thanks to new solutions, such options are already search engine friendly.

Touch control

Not only mobile devices are currently equipped with touch screens. This also applies to some laptops, and Windows 10 has long supported such control. Therefore, when designing websites, it should be borne in mind that users may not be “hovering over” and the effect that accompanies this hover may not be necessary. It is better for the user to know where to click, or rather touch, without such a hint as to the illuminated button.

He looks good in black

We wrote about minimalism and the white background. Sure. But it may be minimalistic against a black background. On current displays, it looks good and the white font is clear and legible. Of course, nothing by force. And although mobile-first is worth considering whether receiving such a website will be pleasant also on laptops.

For consolidation – a few magic words

UX, mobile, video, minimalism. This is actually nothing new, but undoubtedly these current trends will consolidate in 2019. Smartphones have become an extension of our hands, and among excess content, it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch our attention. Pages must provide positive experiences, otherwise, we will press back and come back to Instagram. At the same time, we do not expect the parties to be autonomous works of art – they are supposed to communicate and provide access to content. The times when the “pretty site” counted have long been a thing of the past.

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