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Top 6 Reasons to Start Blogging in 2020

Is blogging is still in 2020? In one word, yes it does. Still, lots of people are focusing on creating blogs and start blogging. Today I am going to talk about why should you start blogging in 2020? I will show you the top 6 reasons that are why you can start blogging. There are lots more reasons, but I found these 6 reasons are most effective and important. Most of the successful bloggers started their journey for any of them, maybe a couple of them.

So let’s start the main content, I hope you will enjoy it.

1. Make Money

Though making money shouldn’t be the priority in the field of blogging but still, anybody won’t put that much time and hard work except getting benefited. So making money is the biggest reason to start something. When I started blogging, I always thought about making money from AdSense and Affiliate marketing.

Money making is an option and you shouldn’t just keep focused on that. You need to focus on your blog quality and content production. If you can keep creating good content, you will get the return of course. You just need to keep patience.

2. Writing Passion

Passion for writing is another big reason behind coming into the blogging field. In my school days, I was passionate about writing short and creative essays. That was my beginning as a writer. And then I have written around a thousand blog posts till now. But never get bored. If you feel bored while writing, you can’t keep continuing your journey as a blogger.

How to keep your writing passion alive? It’s your niche. If you are interested in your niche and love to work with it, then you will be able to keep that passion alive.

So stay connected with your niche, don’t bounce here and there. You will get succeed of course.

3. Build a Career

Blogging could be an amazing career if you can do it in the right way. You just need to get a proper plan for your blog or publication startup. I have seen lots of young people are making a huge amount of money and a stable career in blogging. Most of them are working with AdSense or some other Ad monetization option. Few of them are on Amazon affiliate marketing.

Blogging has a huge opportunity to build yourself as an online influencer on your niche. Suppose you love the camera and related gears, now you want to start a blog about this. If you start and keep creating good, informative content on this topic, then you will be able to get a good following in this industry. It might take time based on your niche competition, but you will get recognized soon.

4. Opportunity to Learn Enormous Things

When you are a blogger, you need to be updated every day. You need to learn what you should write for your audience. When you want to keep that process alive, you need to do lots of research before creating content. In this process, you will learn lots of new things. And these things will give you more ideas and opportunities to do something big and amazing.

5. Building Network

Bloggers network is a good thing where you will get lots of similar minded people. You can interact with them and let share ideas and this will come as opportunities. That could be a big reason to start blogging.

Wherever you live, if you can create quality blog content then you will get attention from lots of influencers and you will get friends internationally.

6. To Document Your Life

If you are a traveler, you can start a travel blog to document your life. You can enter every small or big incident these are happing with you. It is spurring and people love reading such stories. There are tons of blogs where people document their regular life. That could be a good reason behind starting a blog.


These are the top 6 reasons for you to start a blog in 2020. If you can relate to these, then you must go for blogging this year. You might build something exciting and amazing. Don’t waste your time, go for it, if it is your passion.

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