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Temporary Phone Number

Top 5 Ways To Get a Temporary Phone Number?

We all have phone numbers so that people can contact us and find us in no time. But have you wondered how you can get a temporary phone number for yourself?  If not then we will surely tell you about it but before we start let’s discuss what a temporary phone number is. 

Temporary phone numbers are extremely helpful and this fact cannot be denied. It is used to bypass the online phone number verification, receive messages from the unknown people or call anyone. 

The list of reasons is never-ending. The reason could be anything for you to need a Temporary phone number but the point is how to get one. We have good news for you as there are quite a number of websites that can help you with this job. 

So without wasting time let’s have a look at the options we have with us. 

  • FreePhoneNum.Com

The first website that can help you to get a free phone number is This is one of the most preferred sites that can help you to get a phone number that is temporary. 

It helps you to cater to all your SMS needs and allows you to make online calls as well. It is worth it to use. The best benefit of this website is that it offers you telephone numbers from different regions which include the USA, Canada, Poland, Estonia, Belgium, and more. 

It is extremely easy to use and understand. It offers users to use all the features totally free of cost.

  • Sideline

The next best website that is on your list is Sideline. This is one of the most popular applications that people prefer to use. The only drawback is that it is not available in every region. Otherwise, this helpful application is quite easy to use and understand. 

It is free to install the application and it caters to all the personal needs as well as the business needs of a person. It is a communication application that lets you turn out a missed phone call into an opportunity. 

  • Private Text Messaging 

In the third list, we have a private text messaging application for the users that can help them to get a temporary phone number. It is available for iOS as well as android devices, which is completely free to use and install. 

Private Text Messaging helps you to experience the messages of different types including disappearing messages, encrypted messages, anonymous messages, and many more. It is easy to understand, manage and use. 

It comes with other exciting features where the users can hide their secret text messages, private call logs, personal contacts, and others. Everything you do here is end-to-end encrypted here.

  • Hushed 

This is one of the most used applications that can get you a temporary phone number. It allows the users to make private calls, send text messages anonymously, hide the caller ID with another fake number, and more. 

Besides that, it also allows one to manage multiple lines for personal and business life. It is easy to use and understand. It comes with a lot of features that one  can ever think of 

  • Line2

The last application on our list is Line2. It is available for android as well as iOS devices but the only drawback is that it is not available for all regions. It is free to use and comes with great features. 

It is used by freelancers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. It is easy to use, understand and manage. You can call and message anyone using separate numbers using wi-fi or the cellular number that you are already using in the U.S and Canada. The main drawback of this application is, it is not free to use. 


Temporary phone numbers are needed by professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. So if you are looking for an application or a website that can help you to get one then you can choose any of the above-mentioned ways. 

Go ahead and check these sites now and see how they come with unique features. These are safe to use and you will never have to think about your privacy because everything is secured. 

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