Thursday , May 26 2022
impact of the Corona Virus on Digital Marketing

The impact of the Corona Virus on Digital Marketing

The Pandemic Corona Virus has greatly affected the life of digital marketers some in a good way and some in a bad way. As most of the people in the word are in the digital world so it was sure that Corona Virus will bring huge inflation or deflation in someone’s ongoing projects.

Effects of Coronavirus on ad networks

As we all know that due to the pandemic Coronavirus, there’s lockdown around everywhere in the world. As people can’t even get out of their home so the only thing that can help them during this time to decrease their boringness is to go through the digital world it could be anything like using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. So there’s a huge increase in the use of social media platforms. And there’s a great chance of success for the persons who run Facebook ads, adword ads, etc.

Effects of Corona Virus on digital marketing Concerts

Many digital marketing concerts of big speakers got cancelled during this lockdown although that hasn’t brought a big impact in the life of speakers because they are still doing online concerts and they are earning pretty well from there.

Effects of Coronavirus on SEO

SEO is also highly affected by this pandemic health. website traffic is increasing considerably and some of the website traffic has also decreased. Also during this time, CPC(Cost Per Click) has also decreased in many keywords.  If your website traffic is decreased you can even write an article about Coronavirus with all relevant keywords.

Effect of Coronavirus on YouTube

During this time YouTube has seen high growth in its users and the creators have also gained a lot of users. As there is lockdown around everywhere in the world many people are wanting to learn new things like cooking, guitar, singing, etc so the best way to achieve all this is YouTube due to this reason YouTubers’ income is increasing day by day.

Effect of Coronavirus on Freelancing

Freelancing is also affected by the Corona Virus. As all the persons who provide freelancing jobs are at home and do not have any other works they are doing the works by themselves and are not hiring any freelancers so many freelancers are in a sort of work due to this pandemic and lockdown.     

Conclusion In this article, I have talked about the impacts of corona on different platforms like ad networks, concerts, SEO, and YouTube. And by doing a lot of researches I can suggest that it’s a great time to follow your passion if you have any interest in digital marketing. You can either create a blog or a YouTube channel of the topic which you are interested and you can write or talk about it as much as you want else you can also create and run Facebook ads which can generate a huge amount of money.

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