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Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

The Biography of Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik CEO Bahria Town – Wiki, Career, Personal Details

Introduction: The businessman and the Entrepreneur of Pakistan who has taken his company to the new heights by taking it to US$ 1 billion. That’s a giant in Pakistan in the real estate, Bahria Town. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik. He is the son of the well-known and the 7th wealthiest person in Pakistan. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik. He himself was one of the visionary businessmen in the field of real estate. His son inherited these skills of his father and with his guidance reached greater heights of success.

Something about Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik:

Ali Riaz Malik was born in the year 1978 and he was in the initial days itself inspired to achieve greater in the field of real estate. This could have been due to the fact that his father was also in the same field. But his inspiration also seemed to have boosted when he saw those bigger buildings in Dubai when he visited there with his father. As a student, he was also good at his studies and he finished his studies from the Beacon House school which is in Rawalpindi. He stuck on to visiting his father’s business where he learned many things. We believe this is when he also decided unconsciously that he will take care of his father’s business.

What’s the secret with his success?

Once he finished his studies, he soon joined his father’s business without wasting any time. He was joined in as an employee from e grass root level, as a procurement manager. He started taking care of his business at this level first. After shining through many obstacles he got promoted to the Project manager which was a turning point in his career.

With his inbuilt management skills and decision-making skills, he was able to prove that he is capable of becoming an entrepreneur and also able to manage his father’s business. He had that in his blood. He did work hard and soon he became the CEO of the company with his contributions at various projects. Bahria Town is the project that put him in the list of the best businessmen in Pakistan.

How did he do that?

Not just hard work and the management skills you also require to be happy and take all the obstacles positively. He does maintain a daily routine of exercises and makes sure he also follows a proper diet. The key to all these is to ensure the work is done effectively. Happiness is something which increases with regular contact with the loved ones and making sure we spend good quality time with them. The secret of Ahmed AliRiaz’s success other than being good with what you do is following a detailed diet. Its all to do with the food intake.

Still Working with various projects With so many successful projects, Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town as a company also has many projects in its kitty. It is a US$ 1 billion company and has to run on revenue generation.  He is known to be the leading main in achieving “Pakistan’s first-ever Island City”. This was the Bahria Town which is in Rawalpindi. There are other projects which are currently running like, Bin Alam city in Islamabad, Bahria town in Lahore and also in Rawalpindi. The company also has various other small projects where they are planning to restore various ancient buildings nearby. They have completely dominated their business in real estate now.

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