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Hire a Security Officer

The Benefits of Hiring a Security Officer

There were an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries in 2019. A portion of these crimes happened on business premises. Of these, many would not have happened if there were a security officer present. 

This is only the beginning of the benefits that a security guard can offer your business. They can improve employee morale, customer satisfaction, and brand recognition. 

This guide will show you all of the benefits you can enjoy when you hire a security officer. 

Deter Crime 

When you close your business at night, everyone leaves. This leaves your business property empty and vulnerable to crime. Just the presence of security officers can deter criminals by making your business less attractive. 

Increase the Feeling of Security 

When you have security guard services, the presence of the guards can provide your customers and employees with a sense of security and safety. The increase in safety can help improve your employee morale and retention. Customers will appreciate the extra effort you made to provide an environment that makes them feel secure while visiting your business. 

This is essential for businesses that sell high-end products with expensive price tags. It’s also a must-have for financial services that deal in cash. 

Efficiently Deal With Security Breaches 

If your business falls victim to a security breach, then your security officer will know how to handle it. This helps you to address and promptly resolve security issues. Having a security officer handle the situation can also ensure you don’t unknowingly break the law during your response. 

To prevent future security breaches, you can also consult with security guard companies, such as Twin City Security. They can address your current concerns and weak points and provide solutions. This reduces the risk of security breaches in the future. 

Better Customer Service 

A certain part of the security officer’s job is interacting with your customers. This additional presence in your place of business increases the level of customer service your customers receive. For example, the security officer can answer questions, escort customers, and alert you to unsafe conditions they notice while on patrol. 

Crowd Control 

If you plan to host an event where you expect a large number of people to attend, your security officer can assist with crowd control. They can keep people in a certain area, direct others to where they need to go, and provide door security. 

Company Branding 

If you directly hire a security officer to work for your business, you can have them wear a uniform that has your company branding on it. This puts your business’ brand in front of people one more time. It also teaches people to associate your brand with safety and security. 

Use this opportunity to enhance your brand recognition by subtly promoting your brand. 

Hire a Security Officer

As you can see, several benefits come with hiring a security officer. If you have business premises, then it’s time you consider hiring a security officer to patrol and protect it. The increased security can deter crime, improve employee retention, and increase customer security. 

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