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Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker: AI-Based Anti-Plagiarism Online

What does it mean plagiarism?

The term “Plagiarism” indicates someone else’s ideas that you are using in your work. By law, it looks like a crime. Plagiarism shows that you have stolen someone’s data. This action can be taken intentionally or also unintentionally. 

Suppose you have used someone’s definition or the information and even have rewarded that author in your work; this condition will not lead this action as illegal. But if you do not do so, it will indeed become unlawful.

What is an AI-based anti-plagiarism tool?

A tool with Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that help to detect similarity, identical, and paraphrased text from your content is called an AI-based anti-plagiarism tool. You can also get it as a similarity checker or copyright checker.

Some tips that help to understand “how to avoid plagiarism”:

You can find many points that will assist you to avoid plagiarism. It may include some of the following tips:

Developing good habits to search:

The habit of searching will make you capable of writing excellent content that will not contain plagiarism. Searching can also enhance your ability to read books and articles. It will help if you manage your time that will be specifically dedicated to search. Taking responsibility for learning is also an essential element in avoiding plagiarism.

No need to preparer your assignments under unduly pressure to wind up:

It is useful to know that the best research always takes time. You do not need to complete any work in a hurry that may indulge in problems like plagiarism detection. Suppose you are running out of time or under pressure to finish it soon, which will be harmful to your research.

Must commit to doing your work by yourself:

You must determine to perform your best. It would help if you focused on discussing the issues with your professors. Do not rely on your friends while working on research. You do not need to ask your friends for previous copies of the assignments. 

Be careful in your note-taking:

You should label the sources while preparing the notes. Suppose there is an idea of your own, then write “Me” against that idea; if you have consulted something with another person, then label that person against his statement that you are using in your research work. It will help you to make a bibliography list at the time of submitting your work.

Adopt paraphrasing technique:

Sometimes, we think that paraphrasing means changing the synonyms of an author’s statement, changing an active sentence into a passive voice sentence, or rewriting any text. But this can indulge you in plagiarism issues. The best way of paraphrasing is to insert the quotes of particular phrases. You must cite the genuine source of content you are using.

What features a similarity checker or a copyright checker must provide?

A plagiarism check is a vital process to run a successful online business. It is also essential for students and teachers to submit their work efficiently. Let’s talk about the features; a plagiarism checker must provide:

Automatic paraphrasing feature:

The feature of paraphrasing the content within a single click will enable you to manage your content easily. The paraphrasing technique will not let plagiarism errors trap you.

Billions of web pages:

It becomes essential in improving the Plagiarism check process. The content is checked after matching against billions of websites on the internet.

Range of multiple formats:

The plagiarism process becomes easy if the tool allows multiple formats of the file for similarity issues. It should support the following formats like .doc, .tex, .txt, .odt, and .pdf.

A sentence wise result:

The best checker will provide you with a good list of errors. It will show you the highlighted sentences which contain plagiarism.

Exclude a particular URL:

It will assist you to exclude a URL automatically that you do not want to check out for plagiarism. You insert that specific URL in the provided place. 

Result of similarity in percentage:

It will enable you to know how much plagiarism your content contains. For example, after completing the plagiarism check procedure, the tool will tell you that your content includes 10% plagiarism.

Suggested tools for plagiarism check:


SmallSeoTools plagiarism checker commits to provide a reliable and accurate online tool to its users. This plagiarism tool cares for your content’s security, so it removes the uploaded content soon from its databases. It is an easy way to help you how to avoid plagiarism with this copyright checker while writing.  To start up the process of checking duplication, you have to go through the following steps:

  • It will ask you to drop your desired content in the given place.
  • You can also insert a direct URL of the required website.
  • You are also welcome to upload a whole file to check copyright issues.
  • To wind up the procedure, click “Check Plagiarism” and get the result within a matter of seconds.

Other suggested tools are the DupliChecker, PlagiarismDetector, and!

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