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Plastic Surgery

Is Plastic Surgery Common In Singapore?

People go for plastic surgery to enhance or correct their looks and ensure body positivity and size acceptance that improve their self-confidence. The trend of plastic surgery has been growing rapidly across the world, as evident from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) data that shows a rise of nearly 250,000 procedures in 2018 over 2017.  Over the past five years, the number of people going for plastic surgery has steadily risen. It has mainly affected teens and younger clients in Singapore who are ready to go under the knife to undertake any procedure from liposuction to nose job and from breast surgery for reduction or augmentation as well as a tummy tuck. Interestingly, newspaper reports suggest that teenage Singaporeans between 15 and 18 years are especially attracted to it.

In this article, we will try to explore the reasons behind the growing popularity of plastic surgery.

Seek higher acceptance by enhancing the looks

Narcissism is a human trait that makes people think more about themselves and attach more self-importance. In a way, the trait exists in varying degrees within all of us because it is undeniable that we all love ourselves. But we also want to uphold our best side. Since looks matter the most in creating the first impression that deeply impacts how others perceive us, we want to look more beautiful and shapely. We have the correct body features to enhance our attraction and increase our social acceptance, which is the reason for choosing plastic surgery. In Singapore, teenagers’ parents are ready to pay for the WC Ong cosmetic surgery procedures that their kids want to undertake.

More screen time

As selfies flourish and social media addiction affects the larger part of the population, especially the teenagers and young people, the urge to project the self-image in the brightest way to impress others is another reason for the popularity of plastic surgery. As people see themselves more closely in pictures, they are continuously scrutinizing their acceptance level and trying to remove body imperfections and enhance some features to impress more people and garner their attention and affection.  

Advanced and safe procedures

Surgeries carry some risk, and it depends on the body’s condition of individuals about how their body accepts the procedure. With advancements in technology, plastic surgery has become much safer and more bearable for individuals besides being more reliable. The advent of non-surgical procedures that were non-existent a few decades ago has increased the attraction of plastic surgery. People are ready to go for all kinds of cosmetic procedures that can enhance their beauty and self-esteem. The procedures are smooth and almost painless and take lesser time, which perfectly suits the modern lifestyle as you can resume your normal life within a few hours of completing some procedures.

High cost used to be a barrier for people going for plastic surgery. But the technological advancements that assure more comfort and safety has even become more affordable, which is driving more people towards it.

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