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Update Your Phone Number in Aadhar Card

How to Update Your Phone Number in Aadhar Card Online?

Every country has a card that proves their citizenship so has our country India and it is called the Aadhar Card. We all must have seen the Aadhar Card? 

Aadhar Card is a twelve digit unique identification number which is issued by the Government of India by taking an individual’s biometric details. For example, the scan of the iris and the fingerprints and by also taking the demographic information like the date of birth, address proof, and more.

It is mandatory to have an Aadhar card and update the Aadhar card with all the real and current details. But updating an Aadhar Card with your current details is not as easy as you think. For that, you need to visit the nearest Aadhar card updating centre to you.

How can you do that? Let’s find out.

How to update phone number in an Aadhar card online?

You can update the phone number in the Aadhar card online. All you need to do is first download the application form for the changing of the mobile number. For this purpose, you need to have the existing number that is already linked to your Aadhar card.

Update your mobile number in Aadhar Card online with/ without OTP

To change your number in your Aadhar card you can choose any two options

  • The first one is changing your mobile number with the OTP and this can only be done if you have your existing number with you
  • The second one is changing your mobile number without the OTP and this can be done when you do not have the existing number with you.

How can you change your Aadhar card phone number with OTP?

To update the Aadhar card and change the mobile number of your Aadhar card follow the steps given below

  • Then you have to log in to the site by entering the captcha.
  • After you enter and cross-check the details then click on the “Send OTP” option.
  • Then enter the receive OTP and then submit OTP successfully.
  • Then you will be redirected to another page where you will get options of new enrollment and update Aadhar.
  • After this, click on the update Aadhar card
  • Then you will be again redirected to another page where you will receive options like

address update in Aadhar card

phone number update in Aadhar card

name update in Aadhar card

resident type and more.

  • As you want to update your mobile number so fill all the necessary information and the mobile number you wanted to update and then click on proceed.
  • Then again you will be redirected to another page that will ask for your phone number and a captcha. After which you will click on send OTP and after verifying the OTP you need to click on save and proceed.
  • Again cross-check the details for the last time and then submit the details.
  • After this, you will be succeeded in updating your Aadhar card and will be asked to book an appointment. Then click on the book appointment and book a slot for yourself in the Aadhar card enrollment centre.

How to change mobile number on Aadhar card without OTP?

To update your mobile number on an Aadhar card without OTP follow the steps given below.

  • You need to visit the Aadhar card enrollment centre.
  • Then collect and fill the Aadhar card update form.
  • Then enter the present mobile number in the form.
  • Remember that you do not need to mention your previous number.
  • After this, submit the form and the executives will register your request.
  • Then, they will give you an acknowledgement slip that has the URN ( Update Request Number)
  • Then you have to pay Rs.25 to avail this service
  • Thereafter, your number will be updated

How to find the Aadhar Card Updation Center Near Me?

Keeping your Aadhar card updated is not only beneficial but is also required. You can also search on Google for an Aadhar card centre near me or Aadhar card update near me.

You will get a list of Aadhar enrolment centres who update Aadhar cards online.

Book an Appointment

Give your Aadhar card details and fill-up the online form and press submit. Select the preferable location. If the slot is free, you’ll receive a date with the appointment time. Make sure to reach there at the scheduled date and time. Go to those offices and seek help from them for updating your Aadhar card. Besides this, do not forget to carry all your necessary documents in case required.

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