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How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11?

If you are a new buyer of the iPhone and that too the latest version of iPhones like iPhone11 11 or iPhone12 or any other new iPhone models then you can experience some kind of difficulties in operating various common functions. 

Switching from an Android phone or a keypad phone to an iPhone can be a bit challenging for new users. The Android phones have Snapdragon, Exynos or  Mediatek Helio processors and their build, technicalities are also a bit different from that of the iPhones. 

Apple is the parent company of iPhones, these phones have Apple-based specifically designed software, application modules etc. The Bionic chips and A13 processor in iPhones make the Apple smartphones stand out in the crowd because of their unique features. 

A naive user might face some difficulties in operating several uses. Often they come across the question of how to take a screenshot on iPhone 11,as this can be a cumbersome job for some iPhone 11 users. 

The users face difficulty in doing such a simple task because android phones have a dedicated section for taking screenshots while iPhone handsets like iPhone 11 do not have such an onscreen press button to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone11 handset?

Standing on this day of 2021, iPhone 11 handset model might seem a little older than the recently upgraded versions of iPhones, but iPhone 11 still remains a powerful and remarkable phone. It’s remarkable because of various factors like its camera is top-notch, its screen quality, display quality is of a high standard. 

It also has a great battery life and yes last but not least, it can also take screenshots. Frankly speaking, the screenshot taking ability is not a new factor or a unique technique of this phone as this feature is available in other phones. 

If you are possessing an Apple iPhone 11 handset and you are dealing with the problem of taking screenshots( questions like how to screenshot on iPhone11 are popping inside your head) then you have come across the right article, as this article is all about explaining how to take a screenshot on iPhone 11 in these few simple steps. 

This article might be helpful for the ones who are looking for ways or methods about how to find a screenshot on an Apple iPhone 11 phone.

How do you take a screenshot on iPhone 11 if you don’t have a home button?

Newer iPhone versions use Face recognition ID instead of using Touch ID, and for this reason, these phones don’t have Home buttons. This includes Apple iPhone 11 and other recent models too.

If you swipe up from the screen’s button instead of pressing a button for closing apps on your iPhone then you fall into this category.

Steps for taking a screenshot on an Apple iPhone 11 phone

The following is the answer to the question: how to screenshot on iPhone 11.

  • Step1:  Pressing the Volume Up and side buttons simultaneously

You have to simply press the Volume Up and side buttons together, at the same time. Remember that the pressing of these two buttons should be done at the same time simultaneously as if you press one button before pressing the other button then the task of taking a screenshot can’t be performed.  

  • Step 2: Avoid Making Errors

Also remember that you should not hold these two buttons for long as otherwise, this will bring up the Switch Off option on the screen. If by any chance the Power off option pops up while doing this, then tap the Cancel or Exit button in order to Exit.

  • Step 3: Confirming the screenshot 

Once you have pressed both these two buttons (Volume Up and Side buttons), then the iPhone 11’s screen will give a flashlight and then you will be able to see the screenshot which you have just taken at the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen. After the screenshot disappears from the screen then you would be able to see the screenshot in the phone’s gallery app.

Hope that this answer is enough for the question How to screenshot on iPhone 11?

Problems faced while taking a screenshot. How do you take a screenshot on an iPhone11?

You would be surprised to know how many people face difficulty in pressing the two buttons for taking a screenshot in an Apple iPhone 11. Pressing both the buttons at a time can appear to be a cumbersome job for many as many might not be able to follow the instructions perfectly in order to take a screenshot. 

Screenshots come in handy for doing jobs quickly like saving a text message, saving a Facebook or Instagram post or capturing important things on the screen. 

The efficacy of some of the iPhone users for pressing the buttons at the same time might not be very good, so for some people taking screenshots might become a tedious job. 

But, thankfully, there is also an easy way out for taking a screenshot. Hope this answer is enough for the question How do you take a screenshot on iPhone11?

Method of taking a screenshot on an iPhone 11 if you don’t want to press any buttons 

For some people taking screenshots by pressing two buttons at a time can be tricky, for those people Assistive Touch can be helpful.

Assistive Touch is an accessibility feature that is iOS-enabled and it gives iPhone users various alternative ways to perform lots of tasks, thus enabling a person to avoid the need to press various buttons or do swiping gestures on the phone’s screen.

Steps to use Assistive Touch, and set it up to take screenshots.

  • Step 1: Tap on the “Accessibility” option.

First, open the Settings button and then press the “Accessibility” option present over there.

  • Step2: Turning on the “Assistive Touch” feature.

Then tap on the “Touch” option and then press the “AssistiveTouch” option. This makes the user turn on the “AssistiveTouch” feature in the phone.

  • Step3: Choose the screenshot option.

After turning on the “Assistive Touch” you would be required to choose a certain way to take a screenshot.

  • Step 4: “Double Tap” to confirm. 

Press “Double Tap” and then choose the option of “Screenshot”. By clicking this option you would be able to take screenshots now. So from now on, no problem would be faced by you while taking a screenshot using iPhone 11. You have to just open anything on the phone’s screen, and make sure that you are ready to take screenshots. Then you need to double-tap on the AssistiveTouch button. After this, you would observe that a screenshot has been taken and then you would find this on the Phone’s Gallery App. By following these simple instructions you would be able to take a screenshot on iPhone11.

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