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How to Save Money on Auto Shipping Costs

How much you pay to ship your car depends on factors, including time of year, type of transport, and fuel prices. However, there are ways to reduce your shipping costs without sacrificing service.

The first thing you can do is shop around for the best rates. Several companies offer discounts for new or returning customers, military members, and snowbirds.

Pick a Popular Location

The more popular your pickup or delivery location is, the less expensive it will be to ship your vehicle. This is because carriers spend more time, money, and fuel delivering to and picking up from remote locations.

If you’re looking to ship your car, the most important step is to pick a carrier that can deliver it to you most efficiently. You can find this information using a car shipping comparison tool and getting personalized estimates from multiple carriers.

Ship During Non-Peak Seasons

You can save money in several ways regarding auto shipping costs, like Hawaii auto shipping. One way is to ship during non-peak seasons.

Peak shipping season occurs from mid-August to Thanksgiving and is the time of year when freight rates go up, and capacity gets tight. During peak season, carriers add surcharges to offset the extra labor and infrastructure they need to process a larger volume of packages quickly.

While this is good news for consumers, it can also be a pain for online brands. They need to be proactive about preparing their shipment strategy before the holiday rush and ensure they’re aware of any changes to their shipping fees.

For example, carrier surcharges are usually published at the beginning of a peak season and are generally in place for a specific period. However, they can be changed anytime, so it’s important to understand your invoice and update yourself when changes occur.

Ship Multiple Vehicles

Often, you can save money by shipping multiple vehicles to the same company. But you’ll still pay more than if you shipped each vehicle independently.

Another way to save on auto shipping costs is to ship your car during the off-season. Shipping companies are more likely to discount their rates during the off-season because they have less business.

When selecting a company to ship your vehicle, remember to review their BBB rating and customer reviews. These factors will help you find a company you feel comfortable with and are more likely to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

While most transport brokers can give you a ballpark figure for shipping your vehicle, they rarely quote a firm price. This is why comparing prices before committing to a shipping provider is important.

Ship During the Winter

During the winter, demand for car shipping drops off considerably. This can lead to lower prices for vehicle transport services because fewer customers are in the market.

As a result, carriers often compete with each other to win the business. They will lower their prices to win more business, which can lead to a cheaper shipping price for you.

In addition, carriers may change their routes to avoid areas with weather problems, such as snow and ice. These changes can be costly for the carrier, as they must drive around more to reach their destinations.

When you ship in winter, prepare your car as you would for any other shipping. This includes keeping the gas tank at 1/4 full or less and checking your service fluids. You also want to ensure your car has a clean interior and exterior.

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