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Ways to remove a wasp nest

How To Remove A Wasp Nest?

A wasp nest can cause a lot of nuisance. Many people therefore wonder whether they should remove a wasp nest, and how they can best remove a wasp nest themselves. Let’s start with the first question, is it necessary to remove a wasp nest? The answer to this question is ‘No, you don’t have to’. In fact, removing a wasp nest removal can be very dangerous. The wasps can sting you and others while defending their nest and young. Here, we also have solution for b.

Fortunately, wasps only live one season. Unlike honeybees, which build and maintain beehives for several years, wasps build their nests, give birth to some offspring and new queens, and then the nest dies. Only the queen will survive, and she will find a safe place to hibernate. 

In short, if you are not bothered by the wasps, our advice is, do nothing. Wasps live for 1 season and there is a good chance that the problem will resolve itself. If the nest is in a place that you literally cannot ignore, for example in the garden where children or pets often come, it is often necessary to remove the wasp nest. We will explain how you can best do this in the following paragraphs. 

When is the best time to fight the hornet’s nest?

As we mentioned before, the best time to fight a wasp nest is in the evening. There will be more wasps in the nest, so you can get rid of more. They will also be less active in the evening or at night. You can also try getting started in the morning. Even then the wasps are calm. We can be clear on the question of whether it is safe to remove a wasp nest in winter. YES, this is the safest time. The wasps will probably be extinct, but stay alert. The winters are getting less cold, so the chance that there are still living wasps in the nest is certainly not excluded.

Do wasps come back after the nest disappears?

No, once the wasp nest has disappeared, the wasps will not return. It may be that some wasps that were not present during the removal of the nest will return to search for the nest, but this will be temporary. 

Ways to remove a wasp nest

We are not generally in favor of the use of poison either. Nevertheless, more and more environmentally friendly pesticides are recently becoming available, and in the case of wasps control, this is one of the safest ways. The poison kills the wasp very quickly, so the chance that you will be stung is small. Most poisonous species also work for a long time, and the returning wasps will also be killed.

Leave the spray on overnight. The next day, watch the nest from a distance. If you still see activity around the nest, repeat the process a second time.

Once activity has stopped and most of the wasps are dead, it is safe to remove the nest with a long stick. Use the stick to take the nest apart. You can then spray the residue again. 

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