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How to Deal With Someone Who Wants to Destroy You

How to Deal With Someone Who Wants to Destroy You?

There are many people in our lives who do not like to see us happy or getting successful. These people are disguised as friends. Not all of us have such people but almost everyone has someone who wants to pull them down every step they take. 

These people secretly feel jealous and envy our achievements and happiness. If you have someone whom you have identified for doing the same with you then this article is for you. 

We will be giving you tips and will help you in ways you can deal with such people.

Identify that Person

In this world and this generation, it is very difficult to find out who genuinely wants to see you happy. If you find that you are getting into trouble in someone’s existence every time then try to find out that person’s real intention. 

Try to identify the person who is trying to destroy you. You will be able to do so by observing the behaviour and the actions of the person with you and the things they say to you.

Try to Set A Plan 

The second thing you can do is try to set a plan. Try to be fearless and have some courage while doing so. After identifying the person you should focus on building a plan in your mind

Do not fight with them as it will be of no use. Instead, try to be wise and set a wise plan on how you should actually deal with them when they are around you

Do Not Communicate With them Much

If you have someone who wants to pull you down constantly then it is better to not communicate with them much. Try to be normal when you are around them. 

Do not discuss your achievements and goals or any of your future plans. Try to make silent moves when they are around as they will try to destroy and ruin everything even before you start. 

Know the tricks of him or her

Once knowing the person who wants to ruin your life in ways try not to tell this to the person or start a fight with him or her. All you need to do is know the tricks of them and understand how they are trying to trouble your life. 

Know the tricks and turn the table around. Set a plan and let them fall in their own tricks or be wise enough to move out with a silent plan.

Cut all your ties with them

People who are jealous and envious should never be the one with whom you should sit. Make sure that you build a stronger fence around you when you are near to them. 

Do not tell your secrets or your moves to them. Make sure that you stay away from them and cut all your ties slowly from them as soon as possible. 

Having such people in life will only make your life troublesome and negative. To stay away from toxicity and negative energy of any kind it is important to let go of such people 

Be happy around them

Always try to be happy when you are around them. Being happy in front of these people will make them feel disturbed and eventually they will fail. Do not tell your sorrows or your troubles to them because it will make them feel happy and successful. 

Stay happy and put up a smile on your face when you are around them. It will kill them from inside. In conclusion, these were some of the tips that you should follow when you are around people who do not like you or want to destroy you.

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