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Home Remedies: Are there Health Benefits of Turmeric?

Turmeric is one of the unique spices native to India and is used in Indian cuisine distinctively which gives all curries and cuisines its yellow color. This spice is extremely famous and sought after in the western countries for its rich aroma, unique color and amazing health properties. Turmeric is hard to grow and requires a long time to be converted into its useable form which is the Turmeric powder – a bright yellow, soft powdery substance that is used in several ways – In cooking, as a medical aid, as a skin cleanser, asan ingredient in skincare, as an insect repellant, for prayer and religious ceremonies etc.

The strong aroma and its even stronger antibacterial nature make it an indispensable kitchen aid in every Indian kitchen hold. The benefits of turmeric are multifold and are constantly explored and studied by researchers in the science field. 

Turmeric and its Benefits

Turmeric powder is a basic kitchen ingredient for all households in India but the turmeric that is used for cooking is different from the one that is used for skincare and body care. The turmeric characteristics depend upon its place of origin, its cultivation, the soil and the altitude at which the plant was grown. Most turmeric plants are commercially grown and harvested and then manufactured for kitchen purposes but this manufacturing process takes away most of its unique property and decreases its value as a power food.

The normal turmeric found in supermarkets tend to have less polysaccharides and curcuminoids – which are one of the main compounds found in natural turmeric which makes it extremely rare. The normal turmeric may have about 2-3% curcumin where as special grown turmeric have as high as 6-8% of Curcumin in them

The high grade turmeric powder can be used safely in food, drinks, as face cleanser, body cleanser and as medical aid for minor health issues such as cuts, wounds, scrapes, lack-eye, insect bites, cough, cold and indigestion issues. 

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is considered to be the king of spices and a super food and has amazing health benefits:

  • Turmeric Boosts Immunity
  • Turmeric helps relieve cold symptoms
  • Turmeric helps in cleansing body and hair
  • Turmeric helps in facial skincare
  • Turmeric helps in healing minor injuries

Home Remedies that Benefit Health with Turmeric

There are many home remedies in India that are formulated by generations of turmeric users passed on from one generation to another. Few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Using Turmeric as a marinade

Turmeric is especially used when cooking meat and fish in Indian households and it is a proven fact that applying turmeric as a marinade to meat can help kill germs in the food

2.Using Turmeric in all curries

Turmeric is a super food with plenty of health benefits hence it is added in every curry made to increase its healthy quotient

3. Using Turmeric to repel insects

Turmeric is believed to repel insects in the home and can be sprinkled in areas around the house where you have ants and other insects dwelling

4. Using Turmeric as a health aid

Turmeric can be added to milk and beverages to create a healthy immunity boosting drink for cold, cough and fever symptoms

5. Using Turmeric for injuries

A paste of turmeric on fresh cuts, scrapes, wounds, burns, black-eye, swelling and insect bite can help kill germs and reduce swelling and fasten the healing process as well.

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