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Hangzhou Nightlife

Hangzhou Nightlife: Best Bars & Night Activities

Hangzhou is a beautiful city in China’s Zhejiang Province and has a thriving nightlife scene. Hangzhou is popular internationally for being the central hub of technology in China- the most popular E-commerce giant has its headquarters in this technologically advanced city. The city has a significant number of international students studying at the various universities of Hangzhou. Hangzhou’s tourism mainly thrives on Hangzhou nightlife. You will be spoilt for a choice to choose when it comes to the city’s nightlife options.

Whether you are looking for a noisy pub with karaoke music or a peaceful bar with great finger-food or a jam-packed dance floor with party animals, Hangzhou is the place to experience all of this. Night activities don’t necessarily imply clubbing or getting drunk at a bar or a nightclub, so we have compiled a small collection of best nightlife activities in Hangzhou including a night cruise in West Lake and a traditional Hangzhou teahouse experience for relaxing in the night.

Hit the Shamrock Irish Pub:

Shamrock Irish Pub is a rarity in Hangzhou as it’s the only pub in Hangzhou which is classified as Irish. A visit to the Shamrock Irish Pub will make you feel as if you are in one of the pubs in Ireland. This pub is mostly popular with the foreign student community in Hangzhou and it is a great place for sampling some tap beers and exotic cocktails. The pub boasts of having spacious and comfortable seats along with an option to watch popular sporting events through the large TV-screens inside the pub. The side attraction of the pub is the myriad of pool tables where you can play the popular sport of snooker.

Location: 89 Jiefang Rd

Opening hours: 10:00 pm to 2:00am

Take a night cruise in West Lake:

West Lake is the most scenic spot of Hangzhou and cruising in the lake in the night is the best way of admiring the beauty of the lake while getting breathtaking views of the nearby landmarks. The Night cruise in West Lake is undeniably one of the best nightlife activities in Hangzhou. The cruise begins at the five parks near the lake and is a must-try during an Hangzhou tour. Tourists have the option to either choose a Song Dynasty Boat which can take up to 80 passengers in one-go or a small rowboat which involves a little bit of adventure and action.

Location: 5 Parks Wharf

Opening hours: 06:30pm to 09:00pm; on weekends and holidays the cruise is open till 10:00pm

Relax at Maya Bar while sampling delish food from Zhe Cuisine:

Maya Bar is an ideal hangout for spending moments with no background music to disturb, however, be warned that the place gets crowded with a lot of people. The bar does retain the vibe of a typical bar-like atmosphere minus the music; Maya Bar is for those who like to sample a few local beers while munching some good finger-food from the popular Hangzhou Cuisine. The place is not so expensive and is frequented by people from all walks of life.

Location: 94 Baishaquan, Shuguang Rd

Opening hours: 10:00pm to 2:00am

Have a cup of tea at Cheng Huang Teahouse:

Hangzhou is also popular for tea and no trip to this city is complete without tasting its world-class teas. Hangzhou nightlife isn’t just pubs and bars! For a different kind of experience in Hangzhou, we recommend hitting the Cheng Huang Teahouse on Teahouse Street during the night for sampling some quality tea beverages. This popular teahouse must also fascinate adventure junkies because one has to climb uphill for a little distance in order to access the teahouse which is perched over a hill. The must-do is climbing the Cheng Huang Pavilion to get a panoramic view of the city from atop.

Location: 3 Wushan Rd

Opening hours: 07:30am to 10:00Pm

Chill out with friends at Peer’s Bar:

Peer’s Bar is a paradise for beer drinkers. The bar sells more than 300 bottled beers of local and international origin. The bar is ideal for budget travelers as the prices aren’t that expensive. A fascinating thing about the bar is it works like a supermarket where customers can pick up their choice of beers from the refrigerators, put them in a basket and pay up at the counters before chilling out with friends.

Location: 2 North Baochu Road

Opening hours: 10:00pm to 02:00pm The easiest way to reach Hangzhou this by flying from Shanghai, about 100 miles from Hangzhou. From Shanghai, one could hop on a fast bullet train or alternatively fly to Hangzhou. Book your cheap flights to Shanghai with I eagle today to discover Hangzhou nightlife like never before.

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