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Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan- Real Story | Location, Timings

Whenever we hear about India the first thing that strikes in our minds is the term diversity and culture. Yes, India is a land of diversity and a place full of cultural and historical significance. Every state in India is known for something historical and valuable.

Today we will talk about the State Rajasthan and the most historical monument of that place The Bhangarh Fort. The Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India. Bhangarh Fort location is on the border areas of the reserve forest of Sariska. The forest is grown in the Aravali Range in Alwar district. And where is Alwar? It’s somewhere between Delhi and Jaipur.

The fort is 235 km away from Delhi and the nearest airport to the fort is Jaipur International Airport which is also about 88.2km away from the airport. Today we will talk about this place and will also reveal the Bhangarh fort story to you.

Bhangarh Fort History

The history behind the Bhangarh Fort is that it was established in the year 1573 AD by one of the most popular Indian Kings named Raja Bhagwant Das. He was the ruler of Amber and had an elder brother too who was a reputed general under Emperor Akbar.

His elder brother was also known as one of the Akbar’s Navratnas. This fort was built by Raja Bhagwant Das for his son Madho Singh who later fought many battles and after his demise, the fort was ruled by his son Chatar Singh but after the death of Chatar Singh, the kingdom declined.

Bhangarh Fort Real story

Now the most interesting part of the article you will read about. People have experienced and have also Bhangarh fort stories to tell about the Bhangarh Fort Incidents and Bhangarh Fort Ghost Stories but What is the real story behind the Bhangarh Fort? There are two stories about this Bhangarh fort, so let’s see.

Story 1: Bhangarh Fort Originals

The first story says that King Madho Singh raised the walls of the Bhangarh fort after obtaining the due permission from an ascetic named Bala Nath who lived near the fort. Madho Singh agreed that he would never raise the wall and will not let the shadow of the fort fall upon the home of Bala Nath. And will never disturb his meditation.

But Madho Singh did exactly the opposite to what he said. Woken deep from his meditation the ascetic cursed the king and the people of the town. He cursed that they would never be able to add another roof to the vicinity. Ever since then if anyone tries to construct the roof it collapses itself!

Story 2: Rani Ratnavati, Bhangarh

The second story is about the beautiful and the gorgeous princess of the fort whose name was Ratnavati who was the daughter of Chatar Singh. Her beauty was said to be phenomenal and a black magician fell in love with her.

Then he tried to bewitch a perfume which the princess used in order to make her fall in love with him. The princess came to know about this from somewhere.

Very wisely she poured the bewitched perfume over a stone which supposedly crushed the head of the black magician to death. Before he died he cursed the place that no one would ever live in peace in that place.

Since then the folklore even says that the soul of the black magician still searches for Ratnavati at Bhangarh Fort At Night.

Bhangarh Fort Timings

The best time when you can visit the fort is during the winters. That is from the month of November to the month of February.

The place also has a notice from the Archeological Survey of India which orders that no one will enter the fort before sunrise and after sunset. The fort shall remain open from 6 AM to 6 PM only for regular visits. 

Entry fee

The Bhangarh fort fee is free of cost. We recommend you to avoid visiting the place during weekends and holidays as it remains crowded with the local tourists of Rajasthan.

If you ever visit Rajasthan then you should never miss this mysterious and adventurous fort. But go under the guidelines of the Archeological Survey of India. The local residents say that the fort comes alive in the night and those who went inside the Bhangarh Fort at night, have never returned!

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