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Crane Scale

5 Industrial Uses of Crane Scale

Factories and warehouses can be high-pressure workplaces where employees need to perform assigned tasks quickly and correctly despite numerous distractions around them. If an employee loses his focus on the assigned job, the efficiency of the job may decrease, and accuracy may go by the wayside.

In the worst-case scenario, safety may be compromised, which can be expensive or dangerous to your employees. Therefore, it is essential to have the right equipment in the industries to maintain accuracy and minimize the risk.

In this post, we shall discuss five industrial uses of a crane scale. Please continue reading to know what a crane scale is and how it works in warehouses and factories.

What is a Crane Scale?

Crane hook scales and crane scales are used to weigh heavy loads in industrial firms. While they are designed for operation in typical industrial environments, crane scales are also widely used in logistics organizations, trade firms, and food processing plants.

As the name of the machine implies, these scales are operated in conjunction with a crane hook. These scales are attached to the crane hook, and the operator lifts the goods with the hook of the scales.       

Industrial Uses of Crane Scale

A crane scale is often compared with the platform scales for the advantages that come with it in an organization. While there are many advantages of using a hanging scale at the factories and warehouses, we are mentioning the five major benefits of this machine below. Please take a look.

  • Weigh Awkwardly Shaped Items

While a few industries use specific weighing scales to weigh their products or items, when it comes to weighing awkwardly shaped items, they need a crane scale to complete the job accurately.

As we have mentioned above, the item would be attached to the hook, and then the operator lifts the weight to get the reading by using a crane scale. Therefore, before weighing any awkwardly shaped item, make sure the item has an attachment or strong handle to get lifted.

Weighing odd-shaped items were never so easy, and nowadays, to weigh them, the industry needs an operator and a crane scale to weigh any item accurately.

  • High Accuracy and High Capacity

When it comes to the capacity of a crane scale, there are many varieties to choose from according to your need; OCS-L for weighing light items, AP-200 Axle Pads for weighing the vehicles, OCS-Z and OCS-X for weighing heavy goods at an industry.

Hence, whether you have a small warehouse or own big manufacturing industry, you can choose a crane scale from 0.01 Kg to 3000 Kgs. If you are worried about the readings, according to experts, the crane scales are known for offering high accuracy results when you weigh an item.

  • To Save Floor Space

Suppose you own a small industry where your employees and labor need space to work, the stuff you manufacture also needs some space for storage, and the machines are already covering a major floor at your firm. It would be difficult or impractical to place a platform scale if you are already struggling with the floor.

Instead of buying platform scales, many small industries and warehouses purchase crane scales to save floor space and weigh their stuff with high accuracy. On top of that, when you use a crane scale for weighing any type of stuff, you don’t need to set aside a specific area of the floor for weighing.

  • To Improve Safety in the Factories

A crane scale is also used for enhancing safety at a warehouse as the risks are involved in transporting items to the scale. Generally, the stuff manufactured at the designated place in a factory, and then the labor carries it to the place where it is weighed.

On the other hand, a factory can manufacture the items at a place that can move and weigh items simultaneously through a crane scale. The crane is also known for reducing the need for fork truck traffic, one of the major hazards at an industry or factory.

  • To Save Time and Labor Costs

Portable crane scales come with a great advantage as they can be taken to the stuff that needs to be weighed instead of transporting the bulky items to the weighing area. According to many small-scale industries, the major benefit of getting crane scales is that they don’t have to spend money on labor and vehicles to transport the stuff from the manufacturing area to the weighing area.

Therefore, if you lack time, money, or labor, you can save your time and money by getting a crane scale.

The Final Words

A crane scale is a great choice for small-scale and big industries as it reduces the risk at a workplace, saves your money, time, and energy.

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