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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Decking Contractor

Garden decking is a great option for sitting out and enjoying your outdoor spaces, but fitting decking is not such an easy task. You may not easily be able to build and install decking yourself. As a result, you may need to hire a decking contractor.

When looking for a contractor, do you know what you should be considering?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the five factors you need to think about when weighing up your decking contractor options.

1. Consider the Price the Decking Contractor Is Asking

When hiring deck builders, you’ll no doubt consider price as being one of your biggest considerations. Have a few contractors come out and measure up to provide you with quotes.

It’s important to get a selection of quotes so that you get the best price. Remember though, the best price isn’t always the cheapest. If a quote is dramatically cheaper than all of the others, it may mean that the work or materials are going to be shoddy.

Comparing contractor fees should be your number one priority when choosing a decking contractor.

2. Check Online Customer Reviews

The next step should be to find out what kind of reputation they have. Check online for reviews from sites like Google My Business or Yelp.

Look for patterns in the reviews. If lots of people are saying the same positive or negative things, then pay heed to this.

3. Find Out About the Contractors Deck Building Experience

Many contractors are jacks of all trades. This means that they may only ever occasionally lay down decking. Find out whether this is their main area of expertise, or whether their experience is elsewhere.

You ideally want to hire a decking contractor that specializes in the type of installation that you’re looking for.

4. Ask About Their Insurance Coverage

Nobody sets out to do something accidentally, but unfortunately, accidents do happen. While the contractor is working in your garden, you want to be sure that they’re covered for any damage they may cause to your property.

Similarly, if you or a member of your family are injured as a result of the contractor’s actions or negligence, then you need to know that you’ll be compensated for this.

5. Are They Licensed?

Finally, you’ll need to find out whether the contractor that you’re hiring holds the necessary licenses to carry out this type of work. Licenses may vary from state to state, so it’s important that you check out whether your contractor needs to hold any particle permits to work for you.

Hiring the Right Decking Contractor for Your Needs

When hiring a decking contractor, take your time to do some research. First up, compare prices and feeds, then read online reviews and testimonials. Finally, ask about their experience, insurance, and permits.

Once you’re satisfied, get your deck builders booked in and get ready to enjoy your new decking. For more helpful articles on a wide range of topics, check out the rest of the site.

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