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4 Things to Consider before Decluttering

As they say, ‘Follow your heart,’ you should always do whatever makes you happy. But, if you are thinking about decluttering your home, you need to slow down your roll and think about it. If you are unsure whether you need to declutter your home or not, you have landed on the right page.

In this post, we shall discuss four things to consider before decluttering your home so that you can do it better and not repent of your decision after doing it. Let’s read on.

Before hopping on the four major factors, you need to consider before decluttering, let’s know about minor things that you need to think about.

Setting up a Goal is Important

Setting up a Goal is Important

By setting your goal, you can easily figure out the answer to what you want to achieve through it. Take your time to think about it so that you are clear on what you are working on.

Find the Purpose

It is also important to have a purpose of decluttering and finding out the answer; ask yourself ‘why’ you are doing this. It will help you to keep working towards your goal.


It is important to think about how your home would like after decluttering. Visualize how you want each room to look and how you want others to feel when they put their first steps into your home. Now, let’s move to major things that you need to consider before decluttering.

  • Take Snapshots of your Space
Take Snapshots of your Space

It is hard to have a clear focus when you have not seen your clutter, and after a few hours, clutter and stuff start to mix up in the background. Hence, it is important to take snapshots of every room that you are going to declutter.

Now, keep those pictures to ensure that you don’t repeat the same things mentioned in the picture you have taken before decluttering.

  • Decide How you Will Declutter

You should know that decluttering methods will be different for each person. Therefore, to decide how you will declutter, you need to look at your personality to get a perfect way of decluttering. Plus, it would be best if you asked yourself some questions to sort out the method. Please take a look below to find out these questions.

  • Do I need anyone to help me with decluttering?
  • Do I prefer to take baby steps in any big project?
  • Can I use my initial motivation from the start of working to end the project?
  • Will I involve my family in decluttering, or will I do it myself?
  • Will I declutter a little each day or all at once on the weekend?

If you are planning to declutter your home slowly over a long period, you need to keep a record of everything through notes. Nowadays, there are mobile applications that offer you a decluttering course at a reasonable fee.

Therefore, instead of keeping notes, you can buy the course and start decluttering your house with each lesson they deliver to you.

  • Get your Decluttering Essentials

It is important to get your decluttering essentials to declutter your home. You can start with four bags, bins, or boxes: one to sell, one to donate, one to trash, and one for putting the things that need relocation.

Instead of collecting things in each room and then putting them into the boxes, it would be best to carry them to each room when you declutter. This way minimizes the possibility of things blending with each other.

If you have planned to deep clean the things, it would be best to carry a cloth that you can use for wiping down the surfaces of your cupboard or almirah. For getting your essentials, you can contact the professionals for storage modules that will keep your stuff neat and clean.

  • Make a Plan

It is also important to make a plan to decide what you will do to the things that you have decluttered. If you donate it, decide where you will give them and if you are planning to sell them, make a deal with the buyer.  

If you want to trash your clutter, make sure that your garbage can have enough storage. Or you can also sell your trash to the people who deal with scraps. It is great to make out some cash from the trash.

Start Decluttering!

Now that you have considered all the factors mentioned above, the time has come when you need to roll your sleeves and start working. Please keep in mind that the longer you procrastinate, the more time your decluttering will take.

Therefore, it is better to call the professionals to get the decluttering essentials and start working on your plan that you have just made to make your place more beautiful.

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