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Zenith Watches

Zenith Watches: A Classic and Exceptional Timepieces

Zenith watch is a luxury brand that has been established for 148 years. But, with the continued innovation of the brand, they remained on top of their game. If you dream of having a classic watch that has undeniably the best quality, then this luxury watch brand will surely be on top of your list.

With its influence for how many years, this watch is considered as one of the most valuable timepieces of all times. They make sure that every detail of the watch they create is exceptional and best quality. If you want a watch that will match your lifestyle, this watch has various collections to choose from.

Some History of Zenith Watch Brand

This watch brand was founded by Georges Favre-Jacout a century ago in Switzerland. The brand name Zenith became official in 1911. The founder makes sure that each Zenith watches creation will only be in one location and will not move from other factories like the traditional watch artisans.

And even after how many years, Zenith continues to create these watches in the same location. They make sure that each model they released will go through procedures and ensure no error. This brand was worn by famous figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Albert I Prince of Monaco, and many more.

Zenith El Primero Watch

This watch model was launched in 1969 and the first watch model with an automatic chronograph movement. Today, this El Primero watch model from the Zenith brand remains the most accurate collection of watches to measure the tenth of a second or short time. It also has a remarkable rate of 36,000 vibrations an hour.

The watch model has a 50-hour power reserve and comes with a high-frequency movement. The caliber of this watch has a date and is 29.33mm in diameter. Up to now, El Primero is still one of the best watches in terms of its precision. This watch model continues to make its statement recognized as “The First” throughout history.

Zenith Pilot Watch

In 1909, this pilot named Louis Bleriot became the first-ever who used a simple watch from Zenith in crossing the English Channel from Calais, France, and England. This made history even up to now in the aviation industry and made Bleriot legendary. This pilot watch has a stylish design and has an in-house hand-wound movement.

This watch model made it possible for long-distance travel and monoplanes. The success of Bleriot contributed to the inflight and tested performance of this aviation watch. You can also see this being worn by pilots because of its exceptional performance.

Zenith El Primero Men’s Watch 03.2081.400/78.C813

This watch model from the El Primero series features a skeleton dial that will surely make a statement everywhere you go. It is made from stainless steel and has a transparent back case, and the strap is made from black leather. If you like swimming, this watch is water-resistant for 100 meters.

El Primero Chronomaster Grey 1969 / Alligator

This model is a men’s watch from the Zenith brand. It features a stainless steel case and is 42mm in diameter. This watch’s hands are in a luminous silver-tone ideal for those who love simple yet elegant design. The power reserve of 50 hours will surely make your vacation or trip hustle-free.

Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Chronograph

The classic look of this watch will surely be everyone’s dream watch. It has a bronze round case that matches the look of its blue dial. The indexes are Arabic numerals and luminescence. You will surely stand out wearing this on formal occasions. By the look of this watch, you can already tell that this man is up for business.

Zenith Defy El Primero 21 Black Ceramic

The black color of this watch will catch everyone’s eye. A lot of us love black color, especially if you’re in the corporate world. The material of its band is made from rubber that will survive any weather condition like rain. It has a transparent color on its dial, adding to the overall elegant look of this timepiece.


Wearing a watch in our everyday lives has been a vital thing to track our schedules, especially if we’re into business. The watch you wear will also tell your personality, social status, and power. Wearing this Zenith watch brand on your wrist will help you have more confidence, especially when dealing with business or when having an important meeting.

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