Wednesday , April 14 2021

Why Sex Toy Sales have been Booming in India from 2020-21?

It seems like Indian people have been purchasing sex toys from online adult shops an unprecedented number of times during the Covid-19 induced restrictions and lockdown. It is no surprise that for most of the singles and couples, this bad time has turned into bedtime as we all were made to stay at home and work from home.

There is no doubt that as Coronavirus cases started to increase, a lockdown was imposed all across India and this gave us more time on hand to do things we always wanted to try. 

When lockdown came on March 25, around 1.3 Billion Indians could not meet their partners as everyone was locked down in their homes. As a result, love-maniacs and lovesick people chose to take the matter into their own hands and decided to indulge in self-love with the help of sex toys bought from an adult store. As a result of which the sale of adult products in India spiked dramatically by approximately 64 percent.

Research and statistics conclude that the sex toy industry has witnessed a huge surge in total sale volume of sex-related products amid the lockdown and in fast, we can say that it is one of the few industries that did not get hit by the downward trend of the economy as the number of cases rose during 2020-2021. A report by, called India exposed on the deep analysis of sex toys sale, concluded that unlike other industries lockdown has proved to be advantageous for the sex toys industry as more and more number of xxx toys has flown off the racks from our online sex toys store due to increase in demand.

Indian city Mumbai got hit hardest amid Coronavirus pandemic, is also the hotspot of sex toys demand when it comes to the sale of adult toys. After Maharashtra, it was New Delhi and it was followed by Bengaluru, Pune, New Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai. Among tier 3 cities, we found that the most sex toy orders were from Pondicherry.

We noticed that though males hold the vast majority of sex toys demand almost 64%, women are not far behind. In places like Imphal, Bathinda, Haridwar, Panipat, Shillong, Rourkela, Tezpur, Panaji, and Puducherry, we witness women ordered more sex toys as compared to men. 

If we talk about sex around the world amid Covid-19, mostly all the clubs were shut, tinder dates were canceled, pubs were shut too. Hookups and one-night stands became illegal, but in spite of all these difficulties Coronavirus caused the sex toys sale to touch new heights. If we talk about Global sex toys companies, they witnessed around a 40% increase in sales of products. On the other hand, products like BDSM toys and lingerie also witnessed around 27% growth in sales as compared to last year’s sales. 

As people were not going to their offices or workplaces due to the Work from home trend, people got a lot of extra time for themselves as they saved on commuting and couples chose to use sex toys during day and night for getting sexual pleasure. As we all know that having sex causes the secretion of dopamine hormone which causes the sense of happiness was welcomed in these austere times of the year. Men and women wanted to have more sex due to Covid-19 related stress as there was an increase in testosterone levels and libido was raised among couples. 

I personally think that one of the most important reasons why people chose to have sex during the pandemic is not that they got plenty of free time, but having sex is actually good for people. There were those people who were single and wanted to engage in illicit sexual encounters, chose dating websites like Tinder as these sites also experienced increased activity due to pandemic-induced boredom. 

People tend to get a certain level of intimacy and connection virtually and therefore spending some time on dating sites and apps provided a self-soothing experience as people felt distracted by building connections with others.

Lockdown has caused positive effects on the baby boom as Covid-19 causes more people to get closer physically and emotionally and pushed couples to get into a relationship, get married, and experiment a little bit with their fantasies by ordering adult toys from store sex.