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Why Golfing Has The Best Gadgets To Help Improve Your Game

Everyone desires to acquire excellent skills in whichever sport they are interested in. One way of achieving that feat is by constantly practicing. Golfing is gradually becoming one of the most revered sports across the world. More people are opting to indulge in the sport as a hobby.

Nonetheless, earning golfing skills is easier said than done, and the concept of this sport can be challenging, especially if you are an amateur. It requires you to accurately hit a one-inch diameter ball with the intent of accurately getting it into a hole that is several yards from you.

As such, these sports require that you not only be physically fit but also have the capability to project the distance and angle of your target accurately. Luckily several devices exist in the market that you can use to hone your golfing skills. Among the gadgets that are efficient in improving golfing abilities are rangefinders. One of the trusted resources that you can find the reviews of popular golf rangefinders in the market is Tee Precision.

The market for these gadgets is constantly evolving with the invention of new products. While that may be the case, the Boblov rangefinder, which is one of the earliest entrants into the market, still maintains its status as one of the most efficient products of its kind.

Best Boblov Rangefinder Review

This rangefinder has an ergonomic design, thereby making it portable in your pocket. Even though it is small in stature, this rangefinder is sturdy. Therefore you can rely on it in the long run, best Boblov Rangefinder review below.

Key features of Boblov 650

  • It has a 6x magnification ability that ensures that you have an excellent view of the target.
  • It weighs 5.3 ounces, thereby making it much lighter than other more costly rangefinders
  • It has a 3.8-volt lithium battery that lasts for many rounds before it is charged.
  • It has an accuracy of up to +1 yards up to 200 yards. Moreover, it can be accurate to .04% from 200-650 yards.
  • It has a pin and lock vibration that helps you have a better lock on your target.
  • It has a slope function.


  • It is fast, reliable, and accurate
  • Accurate to 650 yards
  • It is light and compact
  • The battery lasts several rounds after charging
  • It is cost-friendly


  • it has an inbuilt battery that cannot be replaced
  • it can be challenging to use in unfavorable weather conditions

Other Golfing Gadgets That Can Improve Your Game

Apart from rangefinders, here are other golf gadgets that can help you better your game:

  1. Garmin Approach S60: This device enables you to navigate the course for informed ball placement.
  2. Taylor-made spider interactive putter: This gadget will improve your putting game without requiring any extra help.
  3. Sound caddy golf club Bluetooth speaker: Golf is mostly a quiet game. This Bluetooth speaker will enhance your golfing experience by enabling you to listen to music as you play.
  4. Garmin approach CT10: this gadget will help you better understand how to hit your clubs best
  5. Collapsible training nets: This net will help you improve your short game

The introduction of these gadgets has made the golf game more mechanical. Therefore, you need to utilize these gadgets for high performance. You don’t have to go for expensive gadgets while there are cheaper ones with high-quality performance.

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