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What Movies Should I Watch on Starz

What Movies Should I Watch on Starz?

Thanks to technology, we now have more than one way to enjoy entertainment. Whether it’s catching up on our favorite shows or going live on Facebook, the internet has made everything and anything possible in our time. Let’s go back to 10 years ago. Watching any entertaining content meant going onto YouTube and streaming it for free. Now, we have access to cable, online streaming services and different video streaming platforms to watch whatever we want, whenever we want.  

Now that technology has redefined the mediums of entertainment, cord-cutting has become noticeably common.  However, the silver lining lies in the endless possibilities technology has given us. Cable T.V. providers took this opportunity to redesign their approach.  Cable service providers like DirecTV bring so much value to the entertainment buffet with their On-demand content, live streaming feature, and binge-worthy T.V. The  offers you more T.V. choices, including the popular binge-watching network S.T.A.R.Z. 

If you’re looking to fill up your weekend binge-watching list with some classics, you’ve come to the right place. The American network has a reputation for producing a decent programming lineup through its taste and variation. The best part about the network is that you won’t feel restricted to a certain genre, theme, or type of content. You will find original programming and notable feature films side by side on this network. 

Skimming through an entire collection of movies played on the network to find the best ones isn’t easy, which is why we’ve done the dirty work for you. Now you can go through this incredible hand-picked collection of the best movies to watch on S.T.A.R.Z. and enjoy your weekends guilt-free! 

  • One Upon A Time…In Hollywood

We all know how incredible and determined Quentin Tarantino is as a director, but calling his films incredible would be an understatement. His latest movie, Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood, focuses on 2 parallel storylines. One of them is centered on Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Leo plays the character Rick Dalton, who is an actor adjusting to Hollywood’s golden age. His previous T.V. hit, Bounty Law, introduced him to Brad Pitt, who plays Cliff Booth, Leo’s double and stuntman.  These two strike as a powerful duo struggling to make it to the top in an industry they don’t even recognize anymore. 

The other storyline is fixated on Sharon Tate’s fictionalized version, which Margot Robbie plays beautifully. Many aware of Sharon Tate’s real-life might not like the movie’s ending where the 2 stories come together. This movie can easily classify as a docudrama or documentary, and Quentin Tarantino did an excellent job directing it. If you’re in for some drama, action, thriller, and comedy, add this to your list right now!

  • Bad Boys for Life

Who doesn’t love action and comedy? Not many storylines and scripts can pull it off, but the 2020 buddy cop movie does it flawlessly. The story goes something like this: Will Smith and Martin Lawerence as Miami buddy cops, the only problem is they’re aging, and they can feel it bringing them down. Although they can still shoot, drive, and fight exceptionally better than most cops their age, they take help from a much younger and enthusiastic police unit known as AMMO. The two teams go against a powerful Mexican drug lord who’s willing to do anything for revenge. If you’re a fan of classic action police movies, then this one is definitely going on your list. 

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

Avengers: Endgame broke our hearts, so Marvel sent us Spider-Man: Far from Home. This MCU movie is continued from post-Avengers: Endgame events. Tom Holland comes back to save the universe again as Peter Parker. Along with his class, Peter goes on a European tour to some popular European cities. However, Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D leader, has some other plans for him. He needs Spider man’s help to save the world from some huge monsters. To do this, Spiderman needs help from a superhero known as Mysterio, played by the brilliantly talented Jake Gyllenhaal. But the question remains, is Mysterio really a super HERO?  This mind-twisting movie is nothing short of entertaining. Starz features more Spider-Man hit movies on the network. 

  • 13 going on 30

Romantic comedies often have to struggle to make a place in people’s hearts, but this movie didn’t need to make any extra efforts. It’s a universally acclaimed movie everyone seems to love. Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo’s cute duo and the movie’s amazing storyline is a pleasure to watch from start to finish. On her 13th birthday, Jenna makes a wish that changes her life; to turn 30. And somehow, her prayer has been answered. We see her with a beautiful apartment, a classy wardrobe, an amazing body, great friends, and an athlete’s boyfriend. However, she soon realizes why they say, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ She only wants to meet her childhood best friend, Matt, and fix things. But now, 17 years later, Jenna realizes Matt isn’t who he used to be. 

  • Little Women

As the title suggests, this movie is, in fact, about women, but they’re in no literal sense, little. Movies about girl power are often hyped up because of their message and need to be heard in our society. Little women does exactly that, except its set in the 19th century when a woman was always assumed to conform to societal attitudes and expectations. The movie shows the lives of 4 sisters living in post-Civil War times. With a mother going to great lengths to cover for her kids, the March sisters are determined to undo any societal expectations. The particular 2019 adaption of the movie has received critical recognition for its storyline and cast. 

  • The Aviator

Martin Scorsese does it again with this biopic on filmmaker Howard Hughes. Leonardo DiCaprio does an excellent job stepping into Hughes’s shoes and taking over the role. The film beautifully captures Hughes’s passion and love in his heart for aviation, and DiCaprio delivers it perfectly. The story focuses on the risk-taker and his life affairs with heartbreak, risk, and enemies. If you’re a fan of DiCaprio and enjoy watching well-done biopics, give this movie a watch this weekend.  Now that you know what to binge-watch on the weekend, grab your popcorn, switch off your phone and enjoy this outstanding selection of movies. 

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