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What Is Product Tax Code In Amazon

What Is Product Tax Code In Amazon?

If you have decided to sell your products on Amazon, then it is easy to assume that you may be having multiple queries in your mind. Well, just creating a profile on Amazon is not the only task that’s needed to be done.

There are many other factors which must be taken into account for instance the PTCs or Product Tax Codes. Guess you have already asked yourself several times What Is Product Tax Code in Amazon? As there are multiple conditions which sellers must satisfy to list their products for sale on this platform, talking about product tax codes should not be left behind.

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What is Product Tax Code in Amazon?

If you are wondering what is product tax code on amazon, then know that every single product on Amazon needs to have a product tax code for FBA sellers to use the sales tax collecting service of Amazon.

This showcases amazon the way to apply sales taxes to the customer’s purchases in the states where they are supposed to apply taxes. However not every product is covered by it. These cover only a few items that are taxed differently across other states. Instead of making things complex, this tax code offers assistance in defining the tax rules for every product.

How Can You View or Edit the Default Product Code in Amazon?

Now that you have known What Is Product Tax Code In Amazon, you must be thinking of the ways to edit or view it. Well, for that, the following instructions underlined below will help you out.

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  • Click on Tax Setting

In order to get access to the settings, you have to first visit Seller Central and Click on the Tax Settings options.

  • View Tax Calculation Obligation Page

Now you have to click on the view or edit button on the Tax Calculation Obligations page. Here you need to find and click the product tax code by default.

  • Choose Default Product Tax Code

In this step, you need to use the default product tax code that the seller has chosen with the help of the drop-down menu.

  • Click Review Modification

Once you have read and acknowledged the statement, you need to press the review modifications button.

  • Review and Confirm Tax Computation

Now click on the proceed button in order to review the tax computation settings. Also, click on the confirm button once you have read and verified the tax calculation service setup.

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What to do If a Product Tax Code for Any Product is Unavailable?

Once you have discovered the answer of what is product tax code on amazon, the confusion does not end there. You may find yourself unable to get a Product tax code for any product. In such cases, there is no need to worry. When you are unable to locate PTC for a product of yours, it is because no state has a special tax available on it. Instead of finding it complex, you can deal with the matter by using A Gen Tax.

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