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What Are Your DNA Testing Options If the Father Is Not Available?

What Are Your DNA Testing Options If the Father Is Not Available?

Paternity testing shouldn’t be a complex process. However, sometimes things happen, and the situation becomes more complicated than it needs to be. Unfortunately, there are times when the suspected father cannot be tested.

If this happens to you, don’t despair. You can still test your child and determine the parentage. Be sure that you choose an accredited laboratory from which to order your kit, and your results will be accurate without human error.

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Your Paternal Aunt And Uncle Can Be Tested

It is important to note that it is beneficial to have the biological mother tested as well as the other participants in each of these tests. The reasoning behind this is that the tests will be as accurate as possible. The test will be able to show the paternity of the little one in question due to the inherited genetic material that would determine a biological relationship. The process is entirely accurate, and the lab will perform double-blind testing. A lab will test this way to decrease human error and other issues.

The Paternity Test Cost Is Affordable

The second way you can test for biological paternity is through siblings. The paternity test cost is affordable and can determine whether you have full-blood or half-blood siblings. These tests can also determine maternal DNA as well as paternal. As a result, it is one of the most commonly used tests. Undisputed siblings will create the best results, but you must be sure that they are related to the child in question. If not, the results will be inconclusive.

Grandparents Can Take The Test

If the father is unavailable, you can test his parents. This is another case where a test involving other family members can prove maternity and paternity. The tests offer a statistical likelihood of a relationship between the father’s parents and the child that you’re curious about. If you are trying to obtain the best results possible, you’ll need to test the mother, the grandparents, and the child in question. If you’re doing this for legal reasons, your results will contain a chain of custody and be notarized.

The Paternity Test Cost Is Worth Every Penny

The paternity test cost is far less than other options because the kit and the results are included instead of being kept separate. The results are accurate and performed so that you don’t have to worry about contamination or other issues. In addition to this, if you can’t reach the father, it’s essential to know that you can still have the results you need for your child. However, one area to focus on is that the biological mother should test as well to get the best results. Don’t spend time worrying about the parentage of your family. Order your kit and get the results quickly and never wonder again.

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