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Water Tank

Water Tank Price and their different types of material

When you look over the marketplace and plan to buy Water Tank you must know that intensely there is a big competition and tough to choose which one is good for our houses, commercial place, or industry to simplify your work. Whereas the Water Tank Price list is very big. But to simplify the listing we are going to discuss each type of material in Water Tank Price. to simplify you work you must think of buying a good brand which has the greatest type of features and are durable over the 15 years.

Types of Water Tank Material & Their Prices

Steel Water Storage Tanks

Metal water storage tanks will be stronger than any other water tank and are designed to be installed in almost any environment that makes their installation flexible. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, occasionally needing an expert to install them. These tanks are covered with the special sale or paint that prevents the metal from contaminating the water stored in it. Steel tanks are at the top of the Water Tank Price list. 

When choosing a tank, you should consider the type of water you would like to store and how much money you have spent on the tank. The Steel Water Tanks price starts from Rs. 2,000 that too 1000L. For commercial purpose, the price starts from Rs.10,000 as they are 20,000L.

Fiberglass Water Tank

Fiberglass tanks are usually used in big industries or commercial areas. Water Tanks price are much more affordable if you buy them online. The great thing about a fiberglass tank is that it will not crack or break and can be easily moved to the ground, many times saving space. These tanks are lightweight and can be installed quickly and easily. They may be more expensive than other options but their durability is more than their price.

The Fiberglass Water Tank Price usually starts from Rs.15,000

Plastic Water Tank

Plastic Water Tank is a more affordable material. They are good for both household and commercial use. having all the features of durability. They will never corrode and get rusted because it is made of good resins of polyethylene. They allow no leakage because the rial is strong and stiff. These Water Tank Price are good from steel and fiberglass.

The Plastic Water Tanks price starts from Rs.1,500 for 1000 liters. the tanks are recyclable and durable for about 15 months. they are much easier to install and clean.


From the above contents, its clear which type of Water Tank Price is good for you. Planted in the ground or above, commercial water storage tanks vary as they are placed.

Black colored plastic tanks should be used outdoors while using a light-colored tank. The reason why it is better to use black plastic outside is that the water tank has the ability to grow algae when the tank is light in color. Getinhours, have the complete Water Tank Price list, and offer you the best price and deals. Shop today only and get great discounts. 24/47 available shopping carts for you.

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