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Things To Do In NAPA Valley

Top 5 Things To Do In NAPA Valley

Napa country is north of San Francisco, in California. You must have heard about Napa valley at least once in your life. A lot of people come to Napa Valley to taste the grapes. With hundreds of wineries to sample from, you always have to be selective. Drinking Wine something that most people do when they visit Napa Valley. IT is great but visiting a place and only enjoying 1 the thing in the whole trip is not what most people want while travelling so here I am going to list top 5 enjoyable things to do in Napa Valley other than drinking wine. I guess this is something you have been looking for!  Read till the end.

1.       Ride a hot air balloon:  oh yeah! I have written one of the best things to do in   Napa Valley other than wine tasting first! Because,  If you will have an early morning hot air balloon ride you will be wondering why you never made a trip up here? not only the hot air balloon ride is fun but also the views are amazing. It’s magically beautiful and you will not regret waking up early.  Even if you fear heights but still it will be a lifetime experience to tell your grandchildren maybe after 100 years from now.

2.       Visit and admire Winery Grounds; Imagine a beautiful place full of greenery and the sky is clear is it sounding like a fantasy? Yes, it is and you can make some good memories of you’re here. your experience can be double if you bring your date partner with you. The wineries are spectacular they boast some of the finest wines in the world. Each winery and its grounds have beautiful presentable views. In my opinion, most wineries do not mind stop you if you relax a little and have a look around, even if you are not ordering or doing testing.

3.       Olive oil testing: The Napa Valley is not only famous for wine testing but this place also produces some of the best olive oil in the country. There are a few storefronts that offer free olive oil testing, and you can easily find them on the streets in downtown Napa. Now I feel like someone going to take more samples to home.  Olive oil testing will be one of your favourite things to do in Napa other than wine tasting.

4.       Calistoga Mud Baths:  Ever stepped into a bath full of mud ? in my opinion if you are not a kid it can defiantly be a unique experience you should have it in your bucket list .happiness comes from small fun things and taking a mud bath is a small thing which is full of fun. For sure when you will be older you can definitely tell your grandkids about your one of the best experiences and this must be one of them.

5.       Eat a million Dollar Meal At French Laundry: You must have had a desire to eat at one of the best restaurants in the country. Before you leave to travel Napa valley, I would like to tell you that Napa Valley has some of the finest restaurants in the whole nation which includes the incredibly famous  French laundry. Do not think too much it will not cost you a million dollars but it will cost a pretty penny. Even if you pay a good amount of cash still you have to plan ahead may be months before because it’s extremely difficult to secure a reservation here.  In my opinion, it’s a top thing to do in Napa other than wine tasting.

Conclusion: Travelling is always fun and especially when you travel places like Napa the valley I wrote this so that people can enjoy much more than just wine tasting. In my opinion Wine tasting is a really great thing to do in Napa There is much more you can do other than wine tasting so I hope this can help you enjoy your Napa visit more and your wine tasting can be more fun after it thank you.

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