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Reliable Motorcycles of the 20th Century

Top 5 Most Reliable Motorcycles of the 20th Century

Motion, adventure, freedom are some bright adjectives people use to say to describe a motorcycle. A big journey motorcycle has passed to create more innovations on the engines and models from time to time. Sports bikes, adventure bikes, high tech machinery bikes, and all sorts of motorcycles are adding new features day by day to reach more people worldwide.

A lot of brands are available from different countries, and they supply excellent featured motorcycles. Here we will try to give some ideas of some of the good bikes of the 20th century that can provide good mileage, sturdy engines, comfortable to ride on, and attractive looks.

  • Honda CB750

The Japanese company Honda launched the excellent smooth and fast superbike model in 1969. Over the years, it has changed its features, including longevity of tires, soft engine parts, and comfortable seats to ride long. Though it’s a heavyweight bike of 262 kg, it runs very smoothly. The engine layout is mainly made for sports and adventures. The attractive model has inline-four engines to run fast at a speed of 156 km/h.

  • Moto Guzzi Le Mans

The 840cc Italian sturdy motorbike is considered to be one of the best sports bikes. The five-stroke air-cooled engines enabled the capacity in the long run. The powerful 850 Le Mans was first launched in 1975. Over time it increases its mileage, speed, and sturdiness with a comfy body to run smoothly. It runs equally comfortably at -5 degrees to 45 degrees as well. Moto Guzzi Le Mans 850 is worth buying in this century.

  • Yamaha Virago

Yamaha launched the 900cc bike in 1981. Initially, it was 750cc, and over the years, it has increased its mileage and standardized itself as an excellent V-twin cruiser motorbike. The model looks very attractive. Attached shaft drive to the rear wheel, the sucker always works at the time of ride to clean the cockpit. The handle and seat are very soft and comfortable to use for a long time. Though it’s not too favorable for sports, overall, it’s good to use.

  • Royal Enfield Bullet

The Indian company Royal Enfield has launched the motorbike model Bullet 350. It’s a heavyweight bike of 186 kg in the long run, suitable for adventures but not appropriate for sports. The sturdy looking 346cc bike has five manual gearboxes. The retro look with a sturdy, as well as the comfy body, makes the model more attractive to its buyers. It’s a good purchase.

  • KTM Duke 390

The 375cc bike is a beautiful model of 20th-century bikes. It’s a 2013 mid-range product. The 147 kg weight bike runs smooth and fast. The model can store up to 10L fuel and can run 147 km/h speed. The four-piston radial calliper brake helps to control the bike in any situation.

Above 500 different bike models are available in all over the world. So, it’s tough to select only the top 5 models to sort out. Here, we have tried to do this toughest job. These models mentioned above are launched only after dyno runs, head to head comparison, and testing hours.

The companies take years to get confirmed about the sturdiness. If you are thinking of buying a good speed, this article may help you. So it’s better to have a market survey and obtain a reliable one with a warranty.

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