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Top 5 Indoor Games That Kids Will Love

Top 5 Indoor Games That Kids Will Love

Everyone loves playing games, and kids are no different. Unfortunately, not all games are safe or enjoyable for children. However, with a little creativity and smart design, anything is possible. Not only that but games designed for specific age groups can also make it more interesting for older children as well as younger ones. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some great fun indoor games that will keep your child occupied while you’re at work or school. These activities will keep your child stimulated and happy while giving you peace of mind that they’re being productive rather than just sitting around the house bored out of their minds.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a classic indoor game that children of all ages love. This is a great game for children who are more advanced, since they can actually hide and seek out their parents to try to catch them. It is also a great game for younger ones, as it can help with developing social skills, communication, and coordination. Hide and Seek can be played in many different ways, but the basics are as follows: a child hides, and then another person tries to find them by following instructions. A few other variations include playing “hide and seek” under a blanket, or using a pillow or a blanket to camouflage the hiding place. The person who is hiding can also hide their face with a tissue or piece of cloth so they can’t be easily found.

Dish-and-Spoon Race

Dish-and-Spoon Races are the perfect activity to do with a child during winter. You will need a bowl or any container with a small opening on the top. Then, you will need some spoons of different lengths. You will also need to put some water in the bowl and put the spoons inside the water. The idea of this game is to see who can pick up the spoons first with the spoons inside the water. This is a great sport for children to explore their coordination and fine motor skills. To play this game, get a bowl, put some water in it, put the spoons in the water, and then set up a race between two children. The first child picks up the spoons, one by one, and places them in a line inside the bowl. The second child then picks up the spoons and sees which spoon they should use next. Whoever picks up the spoon with the shortest length is out of the race. The one who gets all the spoons wins the game.

Picture Mural

As you might have guessed, a mural is a fun activity to do with your child while at home. You don’t have to have a fancy mural set or anything to create a mural because you can use some paper, crayons, and a wall or floor. The idea of a mural is to paint a picture that tells a story or illustrates a popular book. A mural can be done quickly and easily, or it can be a more complicated project that takes dedication and time. The great thing about creating a mural for your child is that it can be a great form of socialization and creativity. Even if your child is young, painting with them can help them learn about colors and how to use them. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with your child and build their self-esteem.

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling is a fun game that you can play indoors with a couple of pillows or an old blanket. The goal is to try to pin your opponent to the ground. The person who ends up on top wins the game. To play this game, get a couple of pillows or an old blanket, and then set up a wrestling match between two children. You can have one child pin the other to the ground, or the child that is not on top can try to pin the other person. Whoever wins the game gets to choose who starts the next round.

LEGO® Robot Battle

If you have a child who loves computers and technology, this is a great indoor activity to do together. You will need some LEGO® robots, some LEGO® plates, and some tape. The idea of this game is to see which robot can beat the other by pushing them off their plates. You will also need two control rooms for each robot because it relies on two people to control the robots and make them fight against each other. There are many ways to play this game, such as one person controls one robot, and the other person controls the other, or each person controls their own robot and tries to push the opponent off their plate. You can also try to see who can build a robot the fastest, who can build a robot the most creative, or who can build the best robot overall.


Indoor games are a great way to keep your child busy and out of trouble. The best indoor games are those that are challenging and fun, but still allow your child to socialize with others while they’re playing. Games that are easy or too difficult can be boring and a waste of time, while challenging games can be too difficult and frustrating to enjoy. To find the perfect indoor game for your child, think about what types of activities your child enjoys the most and what age group they would enjoy playing with. You can also try exploring a new sport or activity you’ve never tried before. With some creativity and a little engineering know-how, you can create an indoor game that will keep your child busy for hours.

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