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GPS Security Apps for Girls

Top 5 GPS Security Apps for Girls

Women have always been subjected to violence, harassment, rape, physical torture, and mental abuse. They are declared as the weaker section of society. 

In the past few decades, there has been countless rape, domestic violence, kidnapping, and other cases reported by the Indian media and International media.

Women seem to be standing up fighting their own battles. Now that the technology has improved, several applications have been introduced for the safety of women. 

Read below to know the GPS security applications that can be used for women’s safety. 

The Top 5 GPS Security Apps for Women 

  • Circle of 6 App

The first application in our list is the Circle of 6 App. It is a GPS security application that allows the user to connect with up to 6 close contacts. 

This application comes with different notifications that the user can tap. On tapping the notification it will alert the close contacts.

The Circle of 6 apps allows the user to send help alerts to any of the 6 chosen contacts in the case of an emergency. 

It also connects the user with the proper authorities in cases of emergency or if they need any relationship advice.

  • I’m Shakti App

I’m Shakti app aims to keep you in Shakti ( meaning power in Sanskrit). In case of any emergency, the user needs to press the power button five times to trigger the application. 

On doing this, the app will send emergency SMS along with the location to the contacts selected in just two seconds. 

  • Watch Over Me App

With the Watch Over Me app, the contacts are allowed to follow you everywhere you go. This application allows the user to control the GPS location. 

You may prefer to specify the duration of the GPS location tracking from any intended area. It allows you to send emergency alerts to your contacts just by shaking your phone. 

Once you shake your phone, it triggers an emergency alert. It also enables the phone’s camera and records everything that is going on. 

Besides that, on entering any high crime rated area the application informs you about it.

  • Sentinel Personal Security SOS App

One of the fastest SOS apps available in the market is Sentinel Personal Security. Whenever any emergency situation arises, the application sends SMS, e-mails or calls the close contacts immediately. 

When the SMS is sent to the close contacts, it contains the GPS location, time and travel direction as well. The best part of using this application is that it does not need any internet connection or network to run. 

This application is perfect for times of emergency. 

  • Women Safety Shield 

Women Safety Shield is another unique application that you may prefer to use. It allows the user to take pictures and send them to the chosen contacts along with the current location. 

This app has an extraordinary feature named Walk With Me that allows close contacts to know your journey. You can enable or disable this feature as per your wish.

It provides the user with information about the nearest hospitals and police stations. Currently, the application is available in India only. Precautions are always better than cures. 

It is important to be prepared for any kind of situation. Using these applications will provide you safety and make sure that help reaches you on time. These GPS security applications are safe to use and do not hamper the privacy of the users. 

They are trusted and verified which means you can prefer to use them without any doubt. It is time to protect your loved ones and inform them about these safety applications. 

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