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Top 5 Best Android Antivirus App to Stay Secure from Online Threats

We live in an era where we all use smartphones, tablets and laptops. Using an antivirus application on your device will protect it from viruses and attacks that can damage it.

If you do not have any antivirus application installed on your mobile device then it simply means you are putting yourself at risk. You are allowing your phone and its data to get infected from corrupted applications and other malware. 

Using an antivirus application has become very much important. Let’s know the top 5 android antivirus applications that can secure your device and you from online threats. 

The Top 5 Android antivirus applications to secure your device from online threats. 

  • Bitdefender Mobile Security 

Bitdefender mobile security is an android security app that offers protection from malware. It comes with an android Wear Watch integration,  a VPN client and a malicious website blocker that works smoothly with almost all types of android browsers. 

It offers privacy protection tools as well that includes app lock, wifi scanner and more. It is not a freemium app and comes with an affordable premium version. It has many useful features and a small system impact 

  • Avast Mobile Security 

Another best android antivirus security application we have on our list is Avast Mobile Security.  It comes with an inexpensive premium version and a lot of features to enjoy at no cost. 

This antivirus application offers privacy adviser, system optimization, and a customizable blacklist. It has a paid plan too where the user can enjoy the additional anti-theft features, app locking system and tech support.

  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

With strong malware protection and no disturbance from the ads, you can choose to use Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. It is also known as Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. It offers system impact and call blocker as well. 

You can enjoy features like call filtering options, android wear support, anti-theft functions and more at no cost. The paid option allows the user to scan the new applications, use app locks and block illegal websites.

  • Google Play Protect

Here is Google Play Protect, another well known and most trusted antivirus app for android devices. It is built right into Android and comes with a small system impact. It has a minimal interface and has no ads to make the user feel irritated. 

It offers android built-in features like finding my device option, chrome safe browsing and more. This antivirus application also offers Good anti-theft tools.

One of the best features it comes with is that Google can use it remotely to detect and disable the apps that are corrupted. 

  • 360 Security 

Whenever we talk about antivirus applications, the first application that comes to mind is 360 security aka Safe Security. We all have heard about it. Isn’t it? It comes with free options and has an inexpensive paid version as well. 

It offers features where you can use an app locker, performance booster, system cleaner, wifi scanner and what not. One drawback of using 360 security is that it can cause serious system slowdowns. 

You may find the interface is cluttered and a lot of ads that can make you feel irritated. 

There are many android antivirus applications that have both free as well as paid versions. The above-mentioned antivirus applications are safe and secure to use. They are easy to understand and manage too. 

These applications have been trusted by thousands of users so far. If you have not installed an antivirus application on your android device then it is time to do so.  Protect your phone and your data by choosing any of these antivirus applications now.

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