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glass manufacturing companies in india

Top 10 Glass Manufacturing Companies in India

India is a developed country and has always been known as the land of diversity. Besides being that India has many industries and is well known for the production of many goods and materials. India also has many glass manufacturing companies which have a huge customer base.

These companies have always played a major part in offering employment to the people and have also contributed to economic growth. There are many companies that have reached the global platform as big players being the best glass manufacturing companies that are tremendously growing and expanding.

Today, we will talk about the top ten best glass manufacturing companies in India so let’s read further.

  • Fuso Glass India Pvt. Ltd.

Fuso glass India is one of the top best glass industries in India which was founded in the year of 2001 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. This company is one of the top best manufacturers of glass.

Tempered, heat-strengthened, fire-rated, laminated, insulated, ceramic printed, security and decorative glass is offered here by the company. The company provides complete glass solution and has its branches located in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Besides this, the company deals with architectural glass, automotive glasses and other types of glasses that are used for various different types of applications.

  • Glass Wall System India Pvt. Ltd.

This is another well known and trusted manufacturer of glass headquarteredin Mumbai, Maharashtra and was established in the year of 2003. Being India’s facade fabricator it offers turnkey architectural facade solutions along with the best and the topmost designing, project management, and manufacturing facilities.

The company has its branch all across India, in states like Delhi, NCR, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and many more. It deals with many types of projects like the residential, commercial, SEZ, hospitality and more. The company has been growing tremendously and gaining recognition ever since.

  • Asahi India Glass in New Delhi

This is one of the leading brands for Glass in India and has gained recognition from all across the globe. The glass manufacturing company was established in the year of 1984 by BM Labroo and was a joint venture between the Labroo family and Maruti Suzuki.

This Indian glass production company mainly focuses on automotive glasses but the company is also well known for its solar glass and architecture glass variants. The company has created the largest network for automotive repair and replacement services which means the company has 49 specialist centres across India.

  • Borosil Glass Works Limited in Mumbai

This company is well known for its best quality products of glass in the nation and was established in the year 1962 by PK Kheruka. The company offers the best quality of low iron solar glass, scientific glass, industrial glass.

Besides this, the company is also leading in producing glassware for sectors like biotechnology, microbiology, lighting and others. The company has been one of the fastest-growing and besides its rapid growth, the company has managed to maintain its consistency.

  • La Opala RG Limited in Kolkata

This company is also one of the best glass manufacturers in India which was established in the year 1986 by Mr.Sushil Jhunjhunwala. The company offers excellent decorative and handcrafted kitchenware.

The owner himself was a lover of innovation and was fascinated by the opal glass. Besides this, the company has its other successful branches named as La Opala, Diva from La Opala and Solitaire Crystal. The company has always given its best to recreate the artful technology.

  • Gold Plus Industries Ltd. (Gold plus Group)

Being one of the best glass manufacturing industries, the company is also specialized in trading and processing of glass. The company was founded in the year of 1985 and it manufactures a huge variety of glass products for homes, commercial projects and architecture in India.

Moreover, this glass production unit also provides float glasses like clear float, mirror, reflective, lacquered, frosted, and architectural glass which includes toughened, bent toughened, heat-strengthened, ceramic printed, heat soaked, bullet resistant and insulating glasses.

The company also manufactures automotive glasses for the passengers and commercial vehicles, industrial and speciality glasses.

  • Gurind India Pvt. Ltd.

The company is always on the list of the top ten glass manufacturers in India. The company was founded in the year of 1986 and has been growing tremendously since then maintaining its consistency and quality. It is one of the best and the leading companies that manufactures aluminium composite panels.

The company manufactures architectural glasses, industrial glasses, mirror products, aluminium composite panels and many more. The company has its art glass processing facility in Noida and in Sri Lanka.

The company also exports its products globally to the Major European countries like U.K, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and many more. Besides this, it also exports its products to the USA, South Africa and Australia.

  • Pragati Glass Pvt. Ltd.

This company is also a well known and a reputed manufacturer of glass in India.  The company tops in being the best suppliers of bottles in India. The company was founded in 1982.

The company manufactures glass bottles and also provides bottle caps, mould fabrication, frosting, printing, packaging and coating the bottles. The company has been the exporter to many industries like perfumes, liquor, candles, cosmetics, food and beverages not only in India but worldwide.

  • Binani Industries in Kolkata

The company is not only famous and well known for its glass production but also its cement production. The company was founded by Braj Binani in 1972 and has been a worldwide leader in producing fibreglass and other products related to it.

The company uses Oxyfuel combustion for melting the glasses which helps in the reduction of the harmful gas emission to the atmosphere which has put them into a strategic position for growth and development.

Being the best fibreglass producer in India the company has its fibreglass factory in Goa which exports fibreglass to 26 countries across the five continents.

  • Empire Industries

The company is located in Mumbai and has grown to be one of the successful ones. The main focus of the industry is to produce glasses for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is a great exporter to the USA, Europe, South East Asia, Middle-east Africa and many other South American countries. In conclusion, we hope you have gathered valuable information about the glass best manufacturing companies in India.

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