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3D Painting

Things to Know About Online 3D Painting

Do you know what 3D paintings are? Well, let us tell you. 3D painting is when you paint a texture straight into a 3D model. These are quite similar to the 2D paintings but one needs to have knowledge of texturing and working with the 3D assets.

These paintings allow individuals to see and understand how a texture will look in the model in real-time. It also allows one to add finer detailing on the smaller areas.

They are very powerful and allow the user to paint and add texture with ease. Choosing 3D painting allows one to unlock their creativeness and put their ideas into life.

What is the Importance of 3D Painting?

A 3D painting has the potential to show dimensions in a 3D space of objects and their relationship. It will also help your clients to visualize space, movement, and more.

It also gives a closer view visually of the real thing. This means the viewer gets to know easily and exactly what they are looking at. 3D painting is very much in demand in every industry these days.

The Basic Navigation of 3D Painting Unrevealed

Here is the basic Navigation of 3D paintings that you should know.

●    Brushes

You can use the brushes to expand your creative abilities with the unique pens and brushes it has. You can use water colours and oil paintings too.

●    3D Shapes

There are 3D shapes that allow you to create what you want. You can use pre-made shapes and start to make a new model as per your wish.

You get to use sharp edge 3D doodles and soft edge 3D doodles to create perfect drawings.

●    Stickers

You can use texture and details in your paintings by using stickers. These stickers wrap around your model making it look real. All you need to do is adjust the opacity of the sticker.

●    Text and Effects

You can use texts by choosing the 2D and 3D text options. Using 3D texts means you can move it around the canvas and also rotate it in any direction.

You also create effects and unique moods changing the view of your 3D scenes.

●    Magic Select

With magic select, you can use tools that allow you to select a part of the image that you want to cut and remove from the background. The magic selection allows you to clear the background and fill the gap easily.

●    3D View Mode

This view mode allows you to move your model and see it from different angles. You can also zoom in on your canvas and check the details to see if it is what you want or not.

●    Mixed Reality

Using mixed reality allows you to take your 3D model from paint 3D and release it into a mixed reality application. This allows you to visualize the 3D model in the real world.

What are the Best Tools for 3D Paintings?

Let’s know about some of the best tools for 3D painting that you can use.

●    Mudbox

Mudbox allows you to create high-quality 3D geometry and textures with digital painting and sculpting

●    ZBrush

It is one of the most used and preferred tools for 3D paintings that comes with exciting features.

●    3D Coat

This has all the tools that you need to take your 3D idea to the next level.

●    Cheetah 3D

It is perfect for beginners as it is easy to use and understand. It is powerful and very useful.

●    Sculpt

Sculpt is versatile and offers empowerment tools that can bring reality to your 3D paintings have taken technology to another level. You can learn to do 3D paintings from youtube tutorials and use any of the above-mentioned tools.

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