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The Complete Guide That Makes It Simple to Start a Cleaning Business

Americans spend around six hours a week cleaning their homes, which shows there’s high demand for cleaning services.

If you’ve got a passion for cleaning, then why not capitalize on it? Starting a cleaning business is a fantastic way to share your expertise, improves people’s lives, and create a long client list. Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea, but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is how to start a cleaning business today.

Find a Niche

Before you can become the top local cleaning service around, you must find a niche. Note, every type of cleaning requires a unique skill, so it’s important to choose one to excel in.

For instance, you could tailor your services to clients who work night shifts or specialize in deep cleaning older properties.

Create a Business Budget

With the help of a cleaning business consultant, create an ironclad budget. You’ll find the two biggest expenses are transportation and supplies, which will vary depending on the services you offer.

You may also need special equipment, like cleaning agents for carpets or a steam cleaner. But, in a rare occurrence, you’ll need them—consider renting until you’re more established.

Register Your Business

Next, register your cleaning company so it’s legal. You must also decide whether you offer consumer or commercial cleaning services. The former means you do residential cleaning, while the latter is working for corporate clients like schools.

Further, take time choosing your company’s name as it sets the first impression of your business. Your name should reflect your services and values, which will be an inspiration for your marketing strategy.

Get Insurance

The best cleaners know how important insurance is. Not only does it protect your clients, but also you and your team should an accident happen. Plus, most consumers will ask for proof of insurance before hiring you.

Find a Pricing Strategy

In the cleaning industry, learning how to price your services is everything. You can figure this out by calling competitors and asking how much it costs to clean your friend’s home. You should then ask how long this will take so you can find an average.

Then, take the cost and divide it by the duration of the cleaning session. For instance, if cleaning is $200 and it takes 5 hours, then charge $40 per hour.

Once done, build an online presence, such as a website or social media. This is a fantastic way to get clients, especially by using local SEO to target consumers in your area.

Open Your Cleaning Business Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will open a cleaning business ASAP.

Start by figuring out your niche, calculating your budget, and creating a solid business plan. It’s also important that you register your business and get insurance to protect yourself and your clients. Good luck!

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