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The Best Alternative Sites Of All Time To Watch Anime Movies – Kissanime

Anime movies are gaining popularity more and more as the days are passing. People love to watch anime movies more from all over the world. 

It’s a matter of fact that these anime movies are made with care and accuracy that make people love watching them regularly. They bring a new dimension to the movie world and you can experience the effect of the real world in such types of movies. 

One of the best websites for anime lovers is Kissanime. The ones maintaining this website are working day and night to provide the best anime videos to their viewers. 

Also, the homepage of this website is beautifully designed which is also a user-friendly interface. All the anime videos can be easily found on the homepage and in case if you do not find it there then you can simply search it on the search bar. 

The maximum stuff is available in Japanese with English subtitles. Besides that, the dubbed and the subbed version is also available. All the anime series can be found here easily and the best part about this website is that you do not need to sign up or register.

Using Kissanime will get you a lot of stuff to enjoy which includes anime series, anime movies, tv shows and cartoons. You get to see HD quality series and can use them for completely free of cost. 

Also, the viewers can request to upload anime stuff of their own choice on the homepage. 

What Are The Benefits That The Viewers Can Get By Watching Anime Series On Kissanime? 

Kissanime is one of the most leading sites and it allows the users to watch anime series for free. The homepage of Kissanime website is also very beautifully designed and comes with great benefits. 

The viewers can use Kissanime website to watch any favourite anime series of their choice. One of the best things that you can do on this website is to report any problem here and you can also request the site owners to upload their favourite series on the website’s homepage.

Does Anyone Need To Sign Up Or Register On This Website To Watch The Videos?

This Kissanime website is not only renowned but also a safe site which you can prefer to use to watch favourite anime shows of yours. It is totally free to use. 

One does not need to sign up or create an account in order to use the website. If you wish to register or sign up then you will experience better results.

Is Kissanime Down On The Internet?

This Kissanime website has gained so much popularity in the past few years but due to some reasons, it is down from the internet. It has been heard that the site is down from the internet for some reasons or it is permanently closed. 

The ones who were regular users of this site are worried about it. The truth is that because of some copyright issues the site is closed from the internet and this is why we are unable to get access to this website.

What Are Some Of The Kissanime Mirror Websites?

You must have heard the name of the proxy website and maybe you know how to set proxy in Twitter. Here are some of the Kissanime mirror or proxy websites: 

















Name Some Of The Common Classes Of Kissanime!

Some of the common classes that are present in Kissanime website are 

  • Motion
  • Fantasy
  • Journey
  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • Youngsters
  • Cartoon 
  • Comedy
  • Romance 
  • Automobiles
  • Sports activities 
  • Thriller
  • Demons 
  • Sci-Fi
  • Supernatural 
  • Horror
  • Magic
  • Music
  • Vampire
  • Samurai

Is Kissanime Safe To Use And Is It Legal?

If you are using websites on a regular basis on the internet then it totally becomes your responsibility to know about the site. You should be concerned that if the site you are using is safe or not, and if it is legal or illegal to use. 

If you are wondering whether the site is safe or not then the answer is Yes. The site is totally safe to use. The site never asks for your personal information of any kind like your credit card info, or the mobile number of yours and others. 

The site never influxes in your personal data of any kind. If you are wondering that the site is legal or not then we would like to inform you that it is illegal. 

Downloading series from this site is totally unlawful but is harmless for the users. The site contains most of the stuff illegally and then they upload it on the website but it does not cause harm of any kind to the users. 

Some Similar Kind Of Websites Like Kissanime 

As we know now that Kissanime is an illegal site and the ISP’s of the maximum country blocked this website totally. So people may wonder if there are any other sites which they can use to watch anime for free on the internet that does not hamper their safety. 

There are many alternatives to Kissanime and some of them are even better than it. If you are looking for some best alternative then you can choose one for yourself from the list given below. 

  • Ani watcher
  • Anime land
  • Anime lab
  • Kissasians
  • GoGoanime
  • Anime frenzy
  • Kissmanga
  • OtakuStream
  • 9anime
  • A-Z interface
  • AnimeTV
  • KIMCartoon 

Let’s Read Some More Information about These Alternative Sites 

  • Ani watcher


The best alternative to Kissanime that you can use to watch anime series and movies is Ani watcher. All the trending episodes are uploaded on the homepage and also the latest series which are trending are uploaded in dubbed and subbed versions. 

It is a user-friendly interface. All the videos are available on this site in HD quality and are totally safe to use. You do not need to log in or register to use this website. In case if you want to comment on the website then you have to log in. 

  • AnimeLand


Another best online website to watch anime series and shows. This website is popular because of the vast range of series and shows it contains. The anime home page is also very beautifully designed and maintained. 

You also get to see the dubbed version and the list of anime series and movies. The site is totally safe to use and is as best as Kissanime. You do not need registration of any kind to use this site. 

  • Anime Lab


The features of this website are the same as Kissanime and are totally safe to use. The homepage has everything you need. It has trending, popular, recently added lists and the subbed and dubbed version list categorized separately for the users to choose from. 

Movies of almost all genres are uploaded on this site regularly. The site’s homepage is simply designed for one to understand and has full-length movies available too also no need to register or sign up on this website. 

  • Kiss Asians


Kiss Asian is another similar website to Kissanime. All the latest anime movies and series can be found here. You can not only request the movie and series of your own choice on this website but also report about something that disturbs you. 

All the videos available on this site are HD quality. It is totally safe to use and you will not be interrupted by ads. If you are looking for a website exactly the same as Kissanime then you can go for this one.

  • GoGoanime


This is one of the best and the most used websites where people enjoy watching anime movies and series. You get a user-friendly interface here and the most recently released series can also be found on this website. 

You also get to enjoy the subbed and the dubbed version of the series and you can also request the movies of your own choice.

There is a huge collection of movies and series available on this site and the maintainers of this site keep on uploading the new ones. You do not need to register or sign up here and we assure you that this is one of the best alternatives to Kissanime.

  • Anime Frenzy


The largest database of anime series and movies can be found here. It contains the user-friendly interface. The site keeps on updating itself with the new releases of anime series and websites from time to time. 

All the videos available on this site are of HD quality and you do not need to sign up to enjoy the videos here. 

  • Kissmanga


Another site which is a great alternative to Kissanime is Kissmanga. You get a huge collection of anime series and videos here on this website. It is safe to use and no login or registration is needed. 

It contains genres of all types from which you can choose. Also, the site is updated very frequently so you will always have something new to enjoy.

  • OtakuStream


The site is completely designed for the lovers of anime. You can watch anime videos in HD quality with English subtitles. 

Also, the episodes of the series are beautifully arranged on the homepage of the site. All the top best anime series are available on this site and it is totally safe and free to use. 

  • 9anime


You can watch series and shows of anime here anytime. The homepage of this website is also beautifully designed and managed. You do not need to register or sign up to use this website. 

The dubbed and subbed versions of the series are also available. You also get to see the schedule of the new anime which will be uploaded on this website.

  • A-Z Interface


This is also a great alternative to Kissanime which you can prefer to use.  You get a huge collection of anime videos, movies, series and shows to enjoy. 

The specialty of this website is that it keeps getting updated from time to time at regular intervals. The subbed and the dubbed version is also available in this site and also the genre of all kinds can be found in this site. 

It also allows users to rate the movies after watching. The videos are all of HD quality and you can watch them without even registering with the site. 

  • AnimeTV


This is also a well-known site that most people use to watch anime series and movies of their own choice. You can get everything you want here and also request them to upload the movie that is not available on the site.

But wait! Do you want to know if you need to register with the site to watch the movies? Nope, you don’t need, but watch them for free without even registering with the site. 

  • KIMCartoon


This is also a good website which you can use to watch movies and series of anime. It is totally free to use. However, you’ll need to sign up and then log in to the site to use it for free for the lifetime. 

You can enjoy your series here in HD quality and also request the maintainers to upload the movie or series that is not present in the site.

Why Should You Choose Kissanime?

You should prefer using Kissanime website because of the HD quality videos it contains, the easy download feature, and the availability of all the movies and series of anime are present here. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is Kissanime Reddit?

On Kissanime Reddit the users can easily put their queries and receive responses.

Does Kissanime have any kind of virus?

No, Kissanime does not have a virus of any kind and you can use it as it is totally safe. 


One of the most popular and the most preferred sites is Kissanime. It has all the series and movies of anime that you prefer to watch with subbed and dubbed versions. 

All the videos present in this site are of HD quality and also have different genres available here. In case, if the site is not working on your device then you can choose to use the alternative sites of Kissanime which are also beautifully designed and have similar features. 

They are also safe to use. In case if any of the sites do not work on your device or is causing an error of any kind then you can choose the other one. 

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