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Technologies that Make Marketing More Effective

Technologies that Make Marketing More Effective

Marketing is an essential component of all businesses – it is one of the primary sources of leads for a business. Leads are any individual or organization that is interested in the product or service that a business offers; they will provide some form of contact information for the business, and this information is passed onto the sales department – with any luck, a lead is converted into a sale by the sales personnel.

This is precisely why marketing is so important – if it wasn’t for marketing, it would be much harder to convert interest into tangible sales. Marketing departments are concerned with strategies to promote the business, and generate high quality leads – this involves raising awareness of the business in the right places, and to the right kinds of businesses.

Why marketing technologies are important?

These days, there is a significant emphasis on data when it comes to marketing. As a provider of Managed IT Support London businesses rely on, TechQuarters knows and value of digital data.

As mentioned above, it is important to generate high quality leads that can be converted to actual sales; this in turn can only be achieved if the marketing department knows precisely who is looking for the business’ product or service, where they are based, what platforms they use – the information marketers would like to have on their audience is almost endless thanks to the type of data generated in the age of technology.

Every single web query entered into a search engine generates information that marketers can use. Every social media platform has a treasure trove of audience information. The proliferation of social media and search engine users means that there is valuable data being generated every second. The only way that marketers can utilize that data is by utilizing technology – because the data is just too much for individual users to process and gain value from. But with the right technology, marketers can gain access to better customer information than businesses have ever been able to gain.

Social Media

The list of essential marketing technologies would not be complete without social media – in fact, these days it is one of the springboards for many new and digitally-native businesses looking to market themselves to potential audiences.

Social Media encompasses so many different platforms – the ones most people think of when they think talk about social media are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, YouTube would also be considered social media as well as a video-sharing platform. In effect, any platform that enables users to communicate with one another, produce and share their own original content, and support and share other people’s content is a social media platform. Those three qualities provide invaluable information on the public – most social media platforms even do a lot of the hard work involved in revealing user trends and preferences; think of Twitter and its list of trending hashtags, or YouTube, which offers lists of trending videos in a number of categories (such as Music, Gaming, Sports, etc.)

Observing social media platforms is one valuable way of gaining information on potential customers, but engaging with and contributing to these platforms is equally, if not more important. Creating a presence on these platforms is important for a business. Most of these platforms have algorithms that promotes users depending on how well they engage with it – this means more and more users are made aware of your presence on the platform, which can drive people to your business.

Search Engine Optimization

The internet is a vast repository of information, and search engines are the way in which we access that information without being overloaded by the sheer volume. Users can enter a search term, keyword, or phrase–known as a web query, or simply a query – into a search engine (think Google, Yahoo, or Bing), and the search engine presents a curated list of results based on their relevance to the query. It makes browsing the internet much easier to do.

The field of Search Engine Optimization is the practice of making oneself visible on search engines. There are many different ways of doing this, and the best techniques are constantly changing, owing to the fact that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. Generally, however, it is best to focus on keywords.

Most search engines work based on keywords – it uses keywords to match search queries with content from the internet. Search engines are able to process large volumes of content and search queries to identify keywords that people are repeatedly searching. Marketers can use tools – such as Google Analytics – to find out what kinds of keywords are coming up the most among users. By including popular keywords in their website, businesses can make themselves an ideal result for search engines to present to users.

The technology solutions around digital marketing are constantly changing, but the one thing that is here to stay is the importance of technology in connecting businesses with customers. This is why it is so critical for businesses to implement technologies for marketing.TechQuarters wouldn’t have been able to become the IT services company London-based SMBs rely on if it was not for their digital marketing efforts, and the same can be said for most successful businesses in the age of technology.

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