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sunny leone biodata

Sunny Leone Actress Biography – Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements & More

Sunny Leone is a famous name in India, if you are fan of Hindi movies or porn lover then you must have heard the name of “Sunny Leone”.

There are millions of fans of beautiful Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. She earned a name in Hindi Cinema but before coming in Bollywood she started her career in adult movies, so most of people also know Sunny Leone as porn actress. Sunny Leone had worked in many adult movies in her career.

People search her with different terms like “sunny leone actress”, “sexy Sunny Leone without dress”, “sexy Sunny Leone without clothes”, “sunny leone ki movie”, “which is best sunny leone sexy video song”, “sunny leone ke video”, “sunny leone ki photo kon si hai”, “sunny leone ka photo”, “how sunny leone looks in bikini”, “sunny leone hot scene”, “which is sunny leone hotest movie”, “sunny leone video”, “sunny leone hot photo”, “sunny leone ki video”, “sunny leone movie”, “sunny leone adult full movie”, and many more terms.

Because Sunny Leone started her career from porn movies and later turn into Bollywood movies people know her as porn actress.

Here we are going to share the complete Sunny Leone Biodata which will show detailed information about Sunny Leone. So let’s start with Sunny Leone Biography:

Sunny Leone’s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. Sunny Leone was born on 13th May 1981 in a Sikh family in Sarnia, Ontario Canada. Sunny Leone completed her basic education in Catholic School in Canada and when she was 13 years old her family moved from Canada to America.

Sunny Leone father and mother died when she was young and it was the very bad time of her life. Sunny Leone had a brother named Sundeep Vohra. For fulfilling her family needs she worked in a German bakery at Jiffy Lube.

Later she started her career in porn movies and earned a good name and become hot porn star very soon. In 2012 she turned to bollywood movies from the movie Jism 2.

Sunny Leone married to her boyfriend Daniel Weber on 20 Jan 2011 and she had 3 children named Asher Singh Weber(Boy), Noah Singh Weber(Boy), and Nisha Kaur weber(Girl). Sunny Leone is the 1st adult film star who entered in main Bollywood movies and got success as well.

Name Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone Real Name Karenjit Kaur Vohra
Sunny Leone Date of Birth 13-May-81
Sunny Leone Height 163 Cm
Sunny Leone Weight 60 Kg
Sunny Leone Body Measurement 38-28-36
Sunny Leone Education Pediatric Nursing
Sunny Leone Eyes Color Brown
Sunny Leone Hair Color Black
Sunny Leone Father Died
Sunny Leone Mother Died
Sunny Leone Brother Name Sundeep Vohra
Sunny Leone Husband Name Daniel Weber
Sunny Leone Sons Asher Singh Weber & Noah Singh Weber
Sunny Leone Daughter Nisha Kaur Weber
Sunny Leone Favorite Food Roti, Fish & Juice
Sunny Leone Favorite Actor Salman Khan & Aamir Khan
Sunny Leone Favorite Actress Sri Devi, Alia Bhatt & Anushka Sharma
Sunny Leone Hobbies Travelling, Book Reading & Dancing


Here we have shared Sunny Leone Biodata. We have tried to provide you maximum information about Bollywood actress Sunny Leone life and career. All the information shared here is taken from Google and Wikipedia.

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